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Good News - World Pediatric Project

What were the prizes for the IM and GM tournaments?You got the color similar and it looks very nice.This kid is on a good track to surpass Naka.

I don’t know how many Lenovo’s Iv had to delete drivers and reinstall the Lenovo version to resolve blue screens, WiFi drops and so on.  Thanks for the video.Option 2: Black can play Rc1, if Rxc1 then h6.

The delay was just for 1 second before a player got rewarded with a 10 second increment.I was thinking of something stupid and funny and Christmasy to say, but those balls are really beautiful.I didn't find the move.Finally a black serial killer.What are they writing there.SC Reddit sent me here.7:32 white should have given the check at that moment.Oh I see you interviewed "L’Elite" at the end.Looks a lot like a checker board.These videos are great and very informative but i would appreciate if you would stop using misleading titles.

I'm not a chess player and it finishes

I'm not a chess player and it finishes

Very instructive.Great video, please make more like this :).Beyond simple expansion.That's more operative than his age.Where the assets for this tut?6:39 the hell was that sound.You and Sean Connelly do great work!This episode had a very wholesome feel Joel, bit of a Bob Ross vibe with the happy little accidents.

I would never have played this "strange looking move".Move is another offbeat move that don't work stick to the solid 9.Very impressive.I would glue a PTFE sheet on the top surface to keep it slick and remove it when it wears out while keeping the wood top intact.Was it just mild steel?In the attic part it sounded like someone whispered"don't leave".Whats inside a dslr.Now Carlson and Kramnic to fight for first position.I am a prodigy according to chess.05:45 Magnus bot mode activated.

I assumed each sailer counted the total of coconuts in the pile at each stage and divided that by 5 to get hishers then threw one to the monkey.Nyoba bikin ah saya :).The opponent should be smart enough to know that Nakamura was looking to promote his pawn.I have a lot of first edition cards.They can't hide that in a H2H race.Lc4 is a better move than 3.Hikaru at 10:21 you have rook C to C1.This was awesome!

I feel rude

I feel rude

I think Khit and genre s joritz Bsta sila mgksama bagay n bagay.I live in KalamazooAlsoMy last name is pronounced huff.Is it me or does his voice sound like a cross between Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov?  We all are not identical so why does everyone want their things like this to be?  really the quality has jumped a few levels!

This was interesting

This was interesting

I can not do like you in 2:03.I damn it I thought theguy in thumbnail was Giri.Dude give me one for free.Can someone help me grow my channel thanx.Hey GJ, thanks for all of your extensive analysis.

Ramiro Velasquez

Wonderful video

Jonathan v

Anyone else wonder how Agadmator always manages to squeeze in some history lesson?

Suraj Upadhyay

4:41 you got me there finegold

Alex MN

omg why this song?!!is quite annoying!!

Erix co

mantap otaknya kwkww,, merah padam ya bos,, mantul kerumah

Gange Flow Yo

7.25 hahahahah epic


You have no idea how much I want to play 4d chess now.

Saint Michael

Splendid German engineering.

Brenten Smith

Yea, I wonder if you put that same bomba through today's computers, would it be faster?I am guessing it would...It would just be interesting to see.

barzang 1996

hello i love u chou and you!!!!please skin granger:(name BaBaY thx


At trickymate's near checkmate couldn't he move the bishop to put the opponent in check?


When I die, I want my body to be throwned (yeeted) into space, so I can eventually stop thinking, and eternally wander in space.

mohammad rahman

Ilearn all moves except knight move.thanks!

Reymart Sisnorio

Sir Roi your such an inspiration to me,I don't know kung bakit kahit paulit ulit ko ng pinapanood itong sturya mo sa buhay pinapaiyak mo parin ako. Salamat sir dahil sayu natoto akong mangarap at lumaban isa ka sa mga naging motivation ko sir. Salamat

Jex Creations


Dimple Bendicion

Kawawa nmn

Random Brown Guy

GingerGM needs to buy Ben's bestseller, CRY LIKE A GRANDMASTER


The thing that I found interesting about the solution that he showed was that each queen was a knights move away from at least one other queen.

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