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Grade 2 Math 8.2, Inches and feet

Ah yes what the average child thinks about: what would it be like to be a dog?The story sounds like a joke, but it's even funnier to know that it's true.I'm subscribed but haven't seen one of these videos for quite a while.) book there are two consultation games with Morphy someone VS.Anh oi, 4:06 nguoi ta len c5thi sao a ?Hmm I think at 11:50 you lost your knight.YOU ONLY PRACTICE 12!They seem so perfectly asymetric.

The original was great already, I loved the geometric chess pieces on that one, but the changes to this one are definitely an improvement!Boards turned out beautifully!That's possible as well.Really enjoyable interview with Brian Mays tech and Brian May thanks for making this video really enjoyed it !The only thing is please check the layout so that your picture doesn't cover your opponent's time.Mocha means chocolate so the first few times you used it I got confused.Hy, i have 2 marlin ender 3 configurations, one of the i've used a time ago for my ender 3.Definition of a True Champion.I then realised that ED must also go through that centre point, so we have AEB, BED and DEJ by the 'Z' rule (EJ being parallel to AD) and AEJ 90 because it's the corner of a square.

This has got

This has got

Ok you deserved one subscriber.Technology's taken the art out of a lot of things- music, photography,hell, even war.Happpy birthday dan.And also why he is using so much mayonnaise.Bruh who ever believe any of these videos is stupid dumb.I've another solution for the puzzle.It is a chase match.

How's about captures captures captures 7 15.I think you is making a roller bender thing-y.The crucial thing is the move you mention, f6, however it's black's move and he could play Rf7 and if now f6, black can even play Rxf, BxR, QxB.2000 :D i so understand you!Black's pawn at f7 was misplaced to g7 in the final shot--very careless :).I DONT KNOW RULES IN EVERY COUNTRY.RaouldaManager us ma boyyy XDXD.

Good Cat

9:55 Actually, I didn't get this counter attack. Why didn't back play Qh5 ?

patrick LEYRIS

very nice !!!


Thank you, Daniel. Really looking forward to the series. To be quite honest, the whole idea of the wild card seems rather dubious.

Devanathan Manogaran

1:54 thanks for uploading my video

Mike K

Really neat project. I always like watching your videos - especially when you show "mistakes"...most of us do our own share and I learn just as much about how you correct yours as I do from watching the parts you did right. I think I'll have to buy one of your t-shirts before I go to Weekend With Wood in Des Moines, Iowa, next May! Thank you for sharing. Mike

tony tilman

No joke I'm probably going to buy as soon as I'm not broke

Fire Blaster

9:02 ha gotem

Luis Eduardo Perilla

excelente trabajo..!!!

davood oh

It's x0

Emanuel Colon

thumbs down cant see the board

Danemarkxz Gaming

No that puzzle is wrong, 1:33 what if the black king move to b6?


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