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Grandes Talentos | Duelo de duas gigantes de 9 anos idade | Yasmin Zaika vs Ana Castilho!

K even when you do it, so why is it wrong when Don T does it, who are you to judge unless you sat down and had dinner with the guy one on one.Holy let the kids talk a little bit!I couldn't quite catch that and I tried googling what I thought it sounded like but nothing came up.

Good, but please change background to dark, it's easier to watch."Roundabouts Vs Diverging Diamond".3:11 read: virgin.Fantastic insights.

Griffin on the phone was hilarious.

Griffin on the phone was hilarious.

Supposing 00 has an equivalent value, it could be stated with a formula 00x (so 00x).I always have one pass over the other, eliminating the need for traffic to ever stop.Hey I have a Samsung phone too!Should we arrange the cases also.You literally named Turtwig "wank" in Norwegian.

You never moved the rook, it just looked

You never moved the rook, it just looked

Would really appreciate it, thanks!So a dementor vs Death.Search YT "ambassador dark blue edition ".Black Knight d4 to f3 to double down on Queen and took at 3:21.A quick idea for you:on windrawloss you could have the robot do a different kind of shake or salute.

It would be checkmate(Black wins?GRACIAS MIIIL WOOOWWW.You’re the best at talking about sponsors, and your gratitude translates as authentic.West coast bespoke.When ive done all the other things i want to do.What happens if white pushed to d5 with pawn ?Turkish translation please.On every odd day that the game doesn't end, the mouse ends up at either door 3 or door 5.Where did Rodney’s mother even got the money she needed to release her son?Great to see explained so well.

De Dansu

Like this, good job man

Tran Tram

lc sarah cht tui khc khc tht s....

Cheetah OBX

hmmmmm.......KNOT a pro hear.....butt......Magnus.....ewe made several DUMB mistakes........and ewe lost......hmmmmm.....

Nicholas Ng

can’t believe that he talked about the whole enigma machine without mentioning alan turing

Arutyun Enfendzhyan

90% of comments: dirty jokes. That's why chess is gender specific (although it shouldn'tcuz female's brain power = male's brain power), men in chess are just sexist

Prodigy Games

Agadmator, please, please, please cover my game against my dad. I have never beat him before and, by watching your channel, finally I have gotten good enough to beat him! The game might not be GM level but it was a really good game! Here is the link (I am the black peices): suggestion

Hunter Fredericks

This is actually a very cool build man, Well done! Would love to own or attempt a piece myself very unique

Kenneth Butler

Love the video, but any rocketeer will tell you if you deploy the chute at apogee on a big boy rocket, you'll never find your rocket again. Around 1000' is a good height to have the cute deployed for the serious toys.

Michael Miller

Why at 4:00 couldn't Nakamura play c6 right there? Wins e4 pawn


having to work work work is ....

sweetchaos Fox

was he leaving out the most important part of this video to get likes..cause i pretty sure none of the things he's saying are free ..just saying

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