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GRANDMASTER TACTICS | GM Eric Hansen (ft. Aman)

Divine music for divine lovers.Man, Shawn has really big nostrils.Why does your shirt costs only 23.My parents lived super close to this when this was happening!Wood skill : 1010attempt to be funny: 010dick drawing: 210.Romeo was a jackass on that show and he’s talking lot he is so successful not in music not in movies cut it out mediocre at best.Thanks a lots and hope for part 2.

50% of the time they have been waaay off and not square with their cuts.Also the paper should become incredibly thin and brittle.When I die, I want to be turned into a tree.6:45 move after 58.

How many GMs will

How many GMs will

If so, I'm sorry.B:the logician seems to be insane (He catches innocent people and totures them with superhard logic puzzles)So in theory he planned the whole thing.I never did beat him, although we only played until I was about 13 or 14.Bring K-Rino on the show SPC gotta a story to tell also.I just lost 10IQ.Bangtan is the eternal.If you point out an illegal move, you usually just get a takeback (that's what I've heard, at least).The HP Proliant DL360 G7 is a great alternative, its quiet, dual sockets and can have up to 6 cores each with a ton of capacity for memory plus 8x2.You can buy a small sheet of copper.That looks very fun.

(OUCH) This is a major blunder but I kept on going.9 and the USA judge gives Boyd a perfect 6.Hero auto baned.I think the guy in this video is overthinking it.And the future guy needs to beat the guy in the past to go back to his own time.

2020 like video.Qablo81 That's very easily said, but psychology has always played a significant role in this game.And why did that doll moved.He left the kitchen to go and get his gun, intending on using it to kill her.Something for Yasser to add to his notebooks ).He killed a trooper so e that was why he was able to get to the gun but not close enough to not be killed.Today is 29th of February, 2020.

For 2 I got 222.

For 2 I got 222.

Started with a cabinet saw, added a cross cut table, then the jobsite table saw, now I have a panel saw in my shop and Festool track saw in between job site and shop that's it.Que sexy luisito.Got an ad for adobe.The Octopus played BF to a draw in Milwaukee in the early 60s.I’m dissatisfied.It’d just be very.These boys are cringe af like woah.Roger Fedoraer, Meme purveyor, dank ultra atheist, 7 Max lvl WoW toons, Moderator of rEscapeTheFriendzone and rSpiceGirls.I saw the title to this in the first thing I thought was he has never seen me play!Back in the days of yor, some people would use single side band modulation and most of uscould not understand the garble but we learned that adding a AM carrier to the SSB carrier would make it readable without owning a special SSB reciever.

Agnik Banerjee

What version of Java were you using in this tutorial and is this version of Java fully compatible (with this project) in Java 9? Thanks in advance.

Pallav Mohan

such a repetitive commentary abt symmetry man, just get to the point bro


8:18 why cant u go bishopd5 ? pinning the queen

Natasha Kringle

The hell so many questions after all of this.

Mark Ritchie

Great commentary, always clear and informative, thanks.

ZSlice Gaming

5:02 when your science teacher plays mlbb

Tyler Logan

R.I.P Money

GlobalTube Media

5:55 CHEEEECK!! Nf4!- gg BrOow! gg BroOw!! -))

dhruti soni

I have tried it.. But my cake has been stick in the tin.. What kind of precautions should be done for this?


I’ve been laughing for 10 minutes with 0 signs of stopping.


Human on human action gachiGASM

Louis Nel

Why did he attack pawn on F2 istead of E2? 6m40s?

Somto Vitus

Oh shame on them

Richard SL

Wait why is kasparov 5,5/9 when he won 3 and drawed 5. Shouldnt it be 5,5/8?

Cedric Cappelle


X xAziax X

In 4:21 in G6 the king was checked by the queen.... i don't knkw what to say


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