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Grand Prix FIDE Jerusalem 2019 Round 2 Game 2

There is definitely a slightly bias to brilliant tactical finishes,.You can see exhaustion set in in even the best players after an hour or less.Waiting for diablo inmortal and cod mobile to play.My first Blitz teacher was the Legend named 2-Fingers and he said the first rule to speed chess is speed!Im going to make my jig today and I need to know.Nice build, but WAAAAY over the top for the job it is to perform.You must be able to speak machine.

1:47 how did the king and the castle just switch ?Thx mate golden I’m very happy I’ve came across your videos cheers.Binge-watching the amazingly explained chess videos and getting better at my own game.

Had his opponent played c5 and b4, he would have won, for once the kid takes on a3, there follows b5 and c6 with the inevitable promotion of a black pawn.So has it actually launched yet?He smelled like a wet.I love the calming format with subtle elements of comedy.This channel used to be fantastic.So strange that this happened to Lasker.0,0,q,-znear(q)0,0,1,10(0)0(0)q1(-znear(q))q-znear(q).

Every time I attempt to watch another chess video by someone other than Mato it bores me to death.My goal is "Death To King Pawn- and Queen Pawn Games!Well, there is also the fact that watching that spinning could be mesmerizing.Mantap pokoknya.Steam can help to carry the heat into the wood, but the water just makes things go wonky, particularly if you have a piece of wood with complicated grain structure (anything which isn't perfectly quartersawn, with minimal runout).

Maybe you could have

Maybe you could have

Did anybody know, what this Yasser want to tell?And half of 2 days is 5, and then the two patches double so thats 4, making 45Both 210 and 45 equal 1024 and so I thought that 5 days was the answer. ) (Love ya Adam).I declare and pray that your longing heart Hanna is now healed and once again restored!I think white rook to b7.

En 27:55 la posicin parece defendible con Nc7.I have this game at home!At 30:04 couldn't you have just play g3 winning the rook for a pawn.That way the players would approach that situation differently.So we consider about 100mln really different.Why not Qb4 instead of Qe6?


why didnt the duke attack the bishop on the right side with a pawn... ik my friends are going to do that to me if i try this.

Siranat usawasutsakorn

14:32 in that case I'd exchange my queen with a rook and a bishop though. Lone queen isn't very useful.


Sweet table dude

Asha chandru

Amazing, beautifully presented. First time watching so easy tawa cake. Will try

Sean Su

my man john just sweating at the amount of profane questions

Lyndon Baldrey

Mato, You also didnt tell us what opening this was :p

Sage Park

It wasn't fair considering there were too many gay questions. Eugene knows gay.

Tilen JK

One of the best videos in internet

edwin outlaw

Question on the square one: could you have connected it to the bottom of the mold with a short, thin piece of resin ? Like a lollipop or sprue, then positioned it ? Same with the round.

Garth Owen

I find it very amusing that 4k people gave this a thumbs down because they weren't smart enough to understand the answer even when given it directly

Lauren CPC

watched for class 2/18/2020 at 5:00 pm

Steve Knill

"Jakk is wack" - Whitney houston


Only one thing bad i found on the video clash of clans on 8 placr


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