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Great Players of the Past - Svetozar Gligorić

No need to click again.By the way, she should've claimed the victory on the fact that her oponent didn't call the arbiter to claim the illegal move but instead he captured the king, making an illegal move himself.Keep the tradition going.This match was tye.2:30 apakahh enpasant bisa mencegah taktik hitam?Or is it better to read chess books?They are no black serial killer here.

For fucks sake it’s 5:30 in the morning what am I doing with my life.I've done it But I drop them all.Bert looks great.Thanks again to SimpliSafe for sponsoring - Check them out here: Support on Patreon!First of all u should use a scissor to open the packaging u say it seems expensive but doesn’t seem expensive in the way it’s built but the pieces look way cool but they could have packed thechess pieces in a more better way like maybe in a carry case since u say this is an expensive set $ I just prefer the sides of the top not have a design.Excellent, thanks for share this good idea, I appreciate it alot and I need to do itas soon as possible, because, we have had fails in our delivery of gas LP.They called them "carts", short for cartridges I suppose, and they brought a lot of fun to the radio, especially when they would fail.

You have a guaranteed

You have a guaranteed

A worthy comparison?Love you and your talentuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I really want to meet you.Then the pile is split once more so multiply by (15) to get the amount that each person got.At 2:37:00, why not Bxb7?A beautiful work with a lot of dedication!Not bad for shop speakers!(without the voilence, just incase.Are you a reptilian ?Th c 2xe, tng thua ai ng thc hin k hoch quhay.

That's easy (hell no).

That's easy (hell no).

This is one of the best videos of chess on Youtube!Brother Please send your mobile number I want speak to you 2captcha vileppadi payout bank.But these hoes will go there first!This guy is formidable and genuinely impressive.This man is officially a mad genius.

They will be excited to see.Kind of like a seminar :).The monkey must get one at the end as well if his math is to work out, otherwise the equation should be 1024C 15625S 8404.Hang this in a gallery!You are in europeperhaps around germany?Keith:yesEugene:for any sexual reasons(also gives him a smexy look)Keith:.Talk about downplaying the brutal murder and rpe of millions of people.

You said it properly at

You said it properly at

Can I make with cocoa powder.Like cars, if you are just using tires with no treads and they’re just on the rims it’s time to re-tire.Kahit mahirap dito sa abroad itataguyod ko dahil mas malaki ang suporta na nabibigay niya saakin sa oras na nalulungkot ako mag isa dito.Now that's what I call a fun video, and it looks like it was fun to play all those songs.That beard is weird kyren.The crawlspace under the house is for access to a floor furnace,duct work, and pipes, etc.OMG THE AMOUNT OF SEXUAL JOKES THAT COULD BE MADE.

Eric Butler

Question my chess foresight is limited at best but for the life of me I can't see what's wrong with bxe3 as opposed to rc8, seems like a free pawn BARE MINIMUM. Please explain. Anyone?

Vineeth Paul

His dog sure does like Qe8 move 3:54

al sabith don

exception 710

Thank you so much for this beautiful video


Was this first time using epoxy and making a table? Looks like it. Bubbles,lack of drying,improper sealing,not allowing for cracks to be filled before primer/sealer.

Norman P. Chesterton

Just put the cabbage on the wolf's head so the goat won't eat it.

arslan fahreza

this guy is awesome, instead of buying he create his own toys

Shantorey Wilkins



With the sink being in the bathroom and under constant use. How often would have to reseal the sink, or does the acrylic finish you put on take care of having to refinish?

Marlon john Freyburger


Walde Otz

"Usually karpov is playing classical sicilian with Nc3"?? LOL! Funny that he said that since it is not a sicilian...

zia cuevas

daming ads

Agus ZZ


Wahi Woodworks

I have never been attracted to a lamp before now.


I don’t know much about knives, but why do you need a 5 axis to make your knives?Seems like an expensive want not a need.If your trying to increase production and money burning a hole a horizontal with a tombstone would make more sense.


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