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KEEP YOUR CHILD'S HEAD SAFE PPL.Do the plywood assembly first, add banding, then finish?I'm a beginner and this has helped me a lot.

So already as a move 1 we have a completely new game.Rita Ora Video Sexo.I subscribed, will you mentor others to build apps of their own?You should have gotten stones that are purpose made for knocking over instead of those round slippery things.I am disappointed, bet you I could have found it by accident.Of alphabets in Alekhine's opponent's full real name.

Hello I'm a little confused.FINEGOLD IS A CHESS GOD.I LIKE YOUR VIDEO SO MUCH!Pity you haven't listed paint names used.Even in medical circles it's well known that an addiction can only be cured when the addict fully acknowledges hisher addiction, because denial.The only thing I know is that the horse moves in a L.This makes me want to cry.It's nice to see your daughters helping in the shop!

I love the combining mechanic.Apart from that great i'm just moaning really!Just want say thanks for fun nice video good job.Very clever, neat, precise and durable design.Magnificent, museum-worthy work!If you can't remember the cuadratic equation, deduce it!We all know what else VSCO girls do.Benjamin Finegold is amazing.Considering that it destroyed the clean look that you were going for, it was a fail, that could be recovered, that it still wasted the effort of the background.Awesome video Titan quick question for you why use incremental to send the machine home.

It's so tempting.Love that nerdy bromance (v).When you see a football game replay byzidane, ronaldo, Messi etc.Linus tech lips be looking fresh today!Seen many of your video’s the london etc favouriteone.And when you get to the first move played you could say, And it was in this position that so-and-so played d4.The thumbnail is gold.When I heard "Kurgans" after Scythians couldnt help but picture chaos barbarians.Yep I jumped off in the deep end and did very well with my first Titanium threading.TO TAKE A SAMPLE.

Does MC think of an apple pie and its constituents every time he plays chess.Crowded team fights will be hell.We’d love to watch the highlights of that endeavor.Suren, I really enjoy your chess videos.My name is Logan.

Albert Kelly

Can definitely do this without CNC. Your father is right to work in place, you could have made the inner and outer parts of the board separately and glued the inlay in between no problem.Still, fantastic job as usual

Joe Dougherty

In the past before you milled your own live edge board where did you purchase them from? Local mill? Lumber yard? Online?


You don't really look like KyleBut you REALLY sound like him

Adithya Bhaskar

In the first game, instead of f5, why can't white go for e5! fxe5 f5 followed by Ne4 with a good game?

Fire Monkey

Lol without beard and with glasses u just look like William addison... or its just me over thinking

Leon Scott Kennedy

Mikhail Tal and Bobby Fischer guide this kid xD

Christians For Truth

Great video. Love aggressive openings.


I am impressed that all the Russian masters speak English so well.

Quinn Joel

My training of Hikaru's calculating skill is really beginning to pay dividends.

Rekha Shejwal

promote to a knight

Argad Argad

I don't understand chess, I only play snakes and ladders


I'm still trying to figure out Tony's age range,is he Fa or Grandfa?


A beautiful piece of art.


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