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Wht hppnz if Knight moved 2 da Nd4 n thn captured by black knight n thn white Queen moves 2 da Qg4?I love commentator's voice.This flag board is truly amazing!I am university player.I can't yet decide which side is better!

I mean Richard wasn't wrong about the religious manipulation part.You forgot the numbers and the letters.Hello ihave problem with index of range can you give the solution with this error ?Nice system thanks.DemosthenesI love it!Bosspa analyze dn ung nakamura aronian 2010 blitz.Carlini is a great guy.Or it doesn't make a difference?I know that no one is perfect and mistakes will sometimes happen, but when you have someone that has been handcuffed and almost gutted, one would think the Canadian detectives would have gotten DNA evidence from his clothes.Your show is great, but to be honest what really grab my attention was the BLUE, electric blue of your jacket and lettering in the t-shirt.

Why is rob so cute.If even WILLIAM says "this is the dumbest thing ive ever done " your plan realy needs some reconsidering xD.In a plastic case on a laptop, a screen spider falling down low.No remorse for the bully though.Haven't even got to past tense yet.Yeah, the actual answer was a bit better.But still very nice.

Reminds me of Victor's trip to Europe in rules of attraction.DONALD SUTHERLAND IS A GREAT SPEAKER.He got only 3 piece to block with, bishop E2, rook E2 and queen D3 or C4.Does variable helix also help reduce chatter or is it redundant with rougher types?How did you determine the amount of moves left for the first generations ?I love how clearly you break it down, and its not laborious.Now I have no excuse to start tempering my own steel tools!300feet of tape for 4 bucks plastic and tape screws.

Can you make a wand, a magic staff(one like gandalf but much more magical), a shield, a mask, a sword, and a stool with 6 legs.F4 was an ok move, as it exposes the King and f2g3h4 diagonal.Good move but he could make same move one play before.Reminder: the Confederates where by vast majority.The Virus killed a lot of americans.:D Hey, that could rhyme with Dracula!

This is how many times he said

This is how many times he said

You should add a cost to moving further so that the snake gets the food in the shortest distance.Det Bill Clark is the best.I am from India.Would some kind soul please explain why at 1:22:30 Kt C2 wasn't played forking white's Queen?Vishy Anand vs Jeetendra Advani,Advani:"You can pack your bag and go home"Vishy:" Hmmm.

Nf6 is a

Nf6 is a

How can I learn from you Douglas ?You dont have to pinpoint everything, you waste a lot of time, just mention keymoves, key tactics and your videos will improve a lot.I remember watching these games at the time.The only real variation in position scores I saw was when the strengths were about equal.I NEED EXPLANATIONS!First of all thank you so much for teaching me so much about Chess!This is the real deal but it looks like a lot of work.

Dragos Alexandru


Johan Perez


Justin Noor

Thanks for this high quality video. Just curious. Is it possible to install open source linux distros on the Poweredge? I’m finding conflicting information in my online searches. Thank you.

Rudrak Patra

you are not hiking through the woods and you are gonna see the real no. line

Josh Johnstone

So does this mean that the set S is a group under sandpile addition?

Matt Miller

just say d5

Eli Phelps

Svidlar on the roof legit got me

Ja M

Love it when the log looks still, but the chips are flying like crazy

Anter YT

I thought it saidChess of queen needs no queen

Manoj Joshi

fantastic game ... !!


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