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Hey can you please react to the violin scenes of "vania" from the netflix series of "the umbrella academy"?Whats the threat if it was on e8?Where is the Morphy head?But it was all okay, because I had some super super glue, so I glued it back together again, yes the crack is still there but I'm starting to think it looks kind of pretty now.If you do this somewhere were there is no oxygen and you wear a breathing tank then the pen will not catch on fire sincefire needs oxygen to stay burning.

Drew podcast with his timely slide whistle is great episode.Another amazing video.Everyone (deceased) in my family was created, I will be too.Gmod you can add your dream addons and mod and more best fun with friends do your dream anything you want buy this game only 10$ dollar just on steam i buy it and come add me friend request.Variations sb saved for another video.Haven't seen that one yet.You still wearing those yeezy huh?

Always look forward to

Always look forward to

Thats cool and all but i can do the same thing with a PS4 and a chess game.His solution to the 3 glasses involves exactly what he said what could NOT be used.And "trump for president!Karpov has those creepy ass reptilian eyes.Can't wait to try this out.

Nices video my friend.

Nices video my friend.

Fk yeah hoping for part 3-30 in year to come.I see Magnus I click I simple.Looks great i would have sanded the mold line on the sun but thats just me.I know I've said it before, but these videos are truly excellent.Glad it was free.8 bit violence ftw.

Adhu yepo update aagunu solungap.Can sb tell me what is happening at 37 10.I built a fairly nice media cabinet using nothing but a circular saw.You don't give any concrete lines, you talk about the game from a congenial, passer-by perspective.Why i never stumble upon any useful thing.Ulster flag : ).So now you are a comedian too!I would buy one.Then hug damn near kiss each other afterwards.

But it's a ton of work!

But it's a ton of work!

IoT has mostly to do with gathering (a lot of) Data trough sensors and MAYBE react on Data conditions, but not from human input.I’m not a machinist and I always wondered how the threading tool lined back up in the exact spot for multiple passes - seemed like Hogwarts stuff until now!15:27 there's a shadow figure moving past the other guy.I used the file to destroy the file - Thanos.The Promise of the Setting Sun seems to be taking some heavy inspiration from Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts II - 13.Or common sense?Thank you to both chess24 and Magnus for this banter blitz.And then the corona virus.

Rd7 is extremely well known, i've

Rd7 is extremely well known, i've

Just need to tone it down on the music.Black is up a passed pawn on the penultimate rank and his king is somewhat safer than whites.Most unbelievable performance ive ever witnessed, inhuman.Been trying to find one of these at My local flea market.Probing for more where needed, but not being overbearing.I'll play a 1920 tomorrow (French championship), hope I can use some of these tactics -).That chess set tho.Why did William resign?And I am proud he is a Hurri too.That’s bullshit Zach you annoyed him off.

Curtis Owens

I dont mean to sound rude, but what in the hell is he trying to make?????

Paul Mansfield

Your explanations are excellent. Khan Academy could use you!

sun flower

Now I want a "trenchbull" cake from matilda

Arip Hidayat

"jika anda brtnya jika ini.. Jika itu.. Anda sudh trjebak olh jalan'y. "

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You fucked the turkey

Yash Harsh

kha pa ha ya center

Tristan Graham

When it gets quiet and Santino calmly asks Bobby what he wants to be then tells him all the great things he has done and is doing...that was powerful.Bobby looks around wondering if it is going to segue into a joke or not but no, that is just Andrew being a good fuckin friend and you can tell he truly cares.That was some real shit I wasn't prepared for.


fxg1=Nbeautiful moveit is like queen side castling into mate

Davy Crockett

Very nice and great work! Question: Can you share any information on those wood jacks you have made? The ones used at the horizontal bore (16:00). Those are pretty cool.

welsh logic

1/tree(graham's number)

Theo's 8 games

What chess program are you using? Thanks


The glasses problem was done so shittily in this video it justifies a global nuclear war.


5:02 Hey! I did suggest Rd7! Feel so proud of myself

Chaitanya Chaitu

Anna it's not sexagesimal it's hexadecimalHexadecimal means 16 in digital formate


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