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It's irritating.Don't scare me about u retireing again PLZ.She is so bad, i can win this games vs stockfish.What the heck kind of squirrels do you have?Obviously we are both wings fans and woodworking fans.758) At 29:49 sounded like "Brurrrrrkkk' could be heard9) At 29:53 the sound "Brurrrrrkkk" could be heard again.

A cnc machine isn't a bad thing to consider either.Absolutely no problem, that the video was long.Thanks for the work you put into this.If you spam left arrow key at the beggining he looks like he's shitting.5:30For question 6.Those printers are so expensive.Great video pask.

Very subtle sense of humor!

Very subtle sense of humor!

Argentina - Mundial Italia 1990.Tal is chess player, others are amateurs.They great all of them, and instructions on your video.Knight c3 Anand last turn.Are you planning on doing a custom built carbon fiber shaft?At 9:05 why doesn't f6 work?Spend many thousands of Dollars on machinery and sanding equipment so you too can make 3 panel doors you could have bought ready made in a shop.If opponent move pawn to H3 mean what u do.

The tuto is ok but the music is annoying.It's pronounced farvernugen.I found the move my intuition (also because you mentioned the bishop before), but I was way too lazy to calculate the whole line.No it does't work.8:43 "And the Pawns are doubled, so, you have to be careful here as White"Don't you mean Rooks?Some people seem to have an issue with the idea that A already knows that B has 6 or 8 trees, so clearly at most 18.A dubious birthday problem.

Can some one please tell me.7:04 why not just take the rook.Very Beautiful wood work.Deep Blue: Stonks.Dragalia Lost for instance is a really Great phone game, but it's been out for so long that you're fucking hopeless trying to join now and actually contribute anything to a good guild.Who else is very annoyed that technically a square is a rectangle?That would be awesome.Amazing tutorial!It's going really bad.

Thanku so much sir.

Thanku so much sir.

Make a new video please.I'm trying to make my health bar follow an enemy when it moves (2D) but when I change my canvas to "World Space" the health bar completely disappears from my scene.Any assistance would be greatly appreciated please.Was there a way to get back?Which chess software?Just as for "a few reasons" it's much more natural and less awkward for who you're interviewing.I love how you cut the crowns.They look like a so nice couple 33.

I’m here only for Jinx.The only thing this "new" way does is to use 2 formulas instead of 1.I mostly build simple but industructble outdoor furniture out of cheap construction pine I cure and mill again myself.This is the problem with India.Please make a whats inside of Glas.I know how he feels about "My System", but Niemzowitsch was actually THE foundation of modern chess!Because if Daniel was confident that he could beat A's or K's, he would have kept his mouth shut and run up the pot.Its a beautiful piece!

Inspire to make a good fence.

Inspire to make a good fence.

Smaller than human blood cells?It would mean a lot if you were to help:).This info is great.You should do Barry Dale Loukaitis.Subtract 1 and we get 15.Anand still can Rg7, right?And jump at a chess board" hahaha started off sounding super cool then psssszzztt haha.My granddaughter2nd birthday is coming soon, so if you can provide me the info asap that would be great.

Justin Sampler

Capital D,Democratic socialist. 70/30

Marcos Salustiano

You guys have that interview who reporter or police say "you murder your son?" and he say "yes, i did".Thanks.

Florin Jurcovici

Why not soldering the two glued brass parts together?

Vasant Chhetri

Creative... can do anythings

Mark J

0:24 mean joke agadmator, I thought the net had gone out here.:)



Juan David B

Sir, its a beautiful job. I take of my hat. no expensive tools, just simply creativity

80s/ Horror fan

Even Ted Bundy helped out... That explains alot.


Remy is TOO concerned with Joe Eboni's innocent flirtations, just stop already.


When I soak my knife handles in oil, I put the knifes and oil in a plastic bag, then put that into a container similar to the one you used, but fill that with water to reduce the volume of oil needed around my wood. Might be a handy trick if you're low on oil and need to soak a long piece.

Hubertus Heinz

More Evil

Lee Fowler

People like you make believers like dont believe. Find some real stuff an I'll believe. I do believe in paranormal but not in your way or style.Please be real for once if not then dont do it at all cause I'm looking for real.Not fakes.

C v. Dam

Hey man, I made you something!If you are using chrome, do Ctrshifti and then go to console. Paste this to accept a random challenge!$('.challenge').eq(Math.floor(Math.random() $('.challenge').length)).find('.accept').click()Enjoy

crazy cal

No you kicked Dany

Kousik Mukherjee

Where I can buy it??

Javier Amato

For me, the most elegant man in the world is tal


holy moly.... you play like a god. Like, I probably wouldn't beat you even if I had one hour. How did you become so good? Please tell me.


Zozo wants him to have the mirror that’s why he says let me see it myself I would know because it happened to me to.

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