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Hahaha! Carlsen's Opponent "Decided" To Checkmate Him In 4

Your biscuits are too tight.In english: Triumphal arch in Guyana crust, Morphy style, with garland ornement thoughts chiped, surmounted with the Cassa goddess crowning the Victory." you ask that in every video, you should probably figure it out already.But anyway, the screen on this is a dealbreaker for me.I send you an invite to play a game on Chess.He was a hit man not a serial killer, or more like a mass murder if he needs a stereotype.He is literally rated 798.I like it alot,.

Wow you handled that sheet of

Wow you handled that sheet of

Why didn't you give any details on how you fabricated the carbon fiber shaft?How many times did dis dude say cell.He gave us the law (Ten Commandments) not to make us righteous, but rather to show us our sin (Romans 3:20).Dude never apologize for uploading.Great teaching abilities, Mark!SuggestionHi Team,I would like to suggest you to add a voice recognition functionality.At that point the game is won for black right?

Either player should've offered a draw in the last game.Thanks alot dude.             print "Num initial cocos: %s" % str(i).Is it possible that the Dem establishment is considering the possibility of a recession hitting in the next 4 years?Did you put solar tint on the side panels too?At the 04:36 mark when you plunge the metal bands and rollers into the water that the metal bands would shrink and further fastentighten the metal bands to the rollers?Are you the one who pays for all the bakery tools and equipments?

Hi Mato, waiting eagerly for Carlsen-Ivanchuk game analysis.If people werent so f'n Vain and greedy there wouldnt be as many starving and homless children in the world.Lol I knew I liked you guys for something lol HTown ScrewedUpClick LilFlip FreestyleKing DjScrew 2ndWard SouthEast DrinkChamps.Who buys all these people their wood?Simon Williams must watch.One day moreeeeeee!Com that would be awesome.It's an awesome problem which is still unsolved and can use some fresh eyes.

10:00 Ben says: "King i8" and

10:00 Ben says: "King i8" and

It is strange when all over the world movies are showing women as superwoman and wonder woman, only in India they are showed as helpless miserable creatures.Is a bishop or knight sacrifice worth taking the opponent's right to castle.Why did he need to print it out 1 in base 16 is still 1 theres no obfuscation.By general definition, a candle is a wick embedded in a solid substance.Great player, we'll hopefully see more of him.


good job make another volcano smoke black or gray

Yiheng Song

d 3 d2 d1 and d-stroy lol

Jani Luckarin

i dont know if you are reading the comments from these older videos maybe you know this fire roll trick alredi, but im writing anyways. you can use the ashes and an cotton to make new fire with an peace of 2x4. take the cotton and put ash in tight and use saw motion

Marc Dominic Bongalon

who is this?


I just wanted to be like all these other douche bags and dog the cameraman because im sure he gets paid a 9 digit salary and gives a flying fuck )

nakul sindhwani

At 1:08 Suren i think it's necessary to play a6 cuz otherwise the bishop will be trapped


The two harder puzzles look amazing!

Peter Panassow

Where can I find General Finishes in Candlelight?


I really enjoy your videos. Is thereany chance you could do some quick analyses of the world championship next month?


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