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Outstanding and beautiful.Fk shaking hands.I’m definitely going to make a set of these.You must be blameless before the Lord your God.Sorry where is the reference to "I'm a machine" in the video?Doesn't that make you GAE?WHY DID DUMBLEDORE HAVE TO DIE?Nice video, but this is a truly awful way to explain Fourier Transforms.

"Variant "Standard"TimeControl "-"ECO "B89"Opening "Sicilian Defense: Sozin

"Variant "Standard"TimeControl "-"ECO "B89"Opening "Sicilian Defense: Sozin

It will be honor for everyone player.Because every 2 and 3 second there comes a spike when frequencies are same ?Great video John!Well now that we just spent a Year's worth of Labor and all our Jeeps are finally done LOL great show thank you for the education I'm a carpenter none of that kind it's about time in my older years I learned the proper etiquette of Fine Carpentry yes I have built a few bars made some stencil where but nothing of quality compared to a true cabinet maker and a person that's a master on the table saw artifact the union hall should teach that with advanced classes.6:52:16 I’m still here.A benny hill style downhill race against a cheese wheel, which is also the prize.

And your voice sounds like it's coming from a tube.It is class warfare.Audio just left channel?58:58 the difference between your Bishop and a world champions Bishop I've never seen a Bishop work so hard in all my life, the poor guy should set up a workers union.Step by step eh?My friends when they play uno: I SEE UR CARDS IN UR GLASSESMe:.

The girl was winning, wth.

The girl was winning, wth.

Ross you're a gifted person God bless you hands always.Rg1 ka2 Qa3 black wins Suren sir.They are are a bunch of games which actually make you think and work out mental performance.Commentary was marvellous man.Otherwise those would snap the screws right out if leaned on.4:26 What happen if you take out queen to e7?I had to laugh because I have that same planer.I think retired93 is kasparov, cos thats when he lost his title.

Wow manwhat a welldone video.Damn I thought it was clickbait.When does viktor kortschnoi does get credit on your channel?Karjakin is so good!I would go as far as to say it's more known than Summer as well.


Online video games good

Rakib Miah

5 the 2017 was in the sentence

Pathfinder Enthusiast

Why is Daniel Rensch being such a faggot? Always trying to steal thunder from Rober Hess who is a GM and a better player.

Maria Wilde

I mean, I know that Russia's been rewriting history for many decades, but I would think that people who make these educational videos are thorough and careful, they do their research, they dig deeper, they ask questions, they uncover the truth. Guess, I was wrong. Hopefully, that will change.


Dr. Soberstien? Nykter means sober in Swedish and Norwegian and Swedish are close in terms of pronunciation.

ryan michnya

What countersink bit are you using?

Tam neki

Excellent video, I really like the way you explain things. :D


Wat a move...grt video

Noah Poblete

2:17 castles gets checkmated on the next move Pikachu clueless face

Jacob Lyn

I am still in shock. What an amazing game this was. wow

Panzerfaust 991

I feel so fkn stupid..

Hermit King

The Largest Empires always fall as fast as the Smallest Empires.

Hello Everyone

suggestionAnand vs Nakamura Tata Steel chess blitz 2018

Mike Shortland

what an insane and puerile commentary


Where can I watch the World Chess Championship match? Or any high-level competitive chess live?


I started loving both of you! You are welcome to beat the shit out of me in the chessboard, though that wouldn't be easy for you both or jointly! WOO........, sounds like a masochist! Doesn't matter. You're loved!

Klint Keating

Just add some subtle music next time to increase the quality of the video! Great job on the table, it’s beautiful


Still waiting for you to show a ghame where Naka has actually won :/

elshad badirov

It’s a shame that Evan’s Gambit was not played here really really missed this Evans Gambit stuff a lot

Addison Lajoie

where do you live


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