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Hedera18 Keynote: The Hedera Hashgraph Advantage

The opponent should be smart enough to know that Nakamura was looking to promote his pawn.Thank you for another great project video.It's not fast when you already know what you have to play and what your opponent is going to play.Where is your awesome hair!

Love zach's jacket.This insanity always causes problems.Everything about him screams crazy from the beginning.Listen what is the alternative of yogurt.If our equation f(x)0 belongs to Tx, will the rational number be transcendental with respect to these equations?Watching this just reminds me how terrible I am at chess.Does he really have to change the speed of the piece so often just in order to keep people entertained?(not so often) offsite.

9:25 why magus didnt take the pawn?He has a big stake in Apple but claims not to buy businesses he doesn't understand.I'm really looking forward to how this will change the way we are looking at chess.Now do a video on regen radio :).I remember the scenes in the reception area of that hotel.



And he never swore like he usually does.As opposed to the most famous jigsaw puzzle in chess?Can I use milk instead?This variation is Bronstein-Larsen variation I think and it is quite sharp.Not your fault but should had checked.I love the specs on the Dell's you have.Awesome display, table is a work of art plus practical, strong snd durable,video entertaining, while learning, inspiring, hard to beat that combination, please make more tutorials, thanks for sharing your talent and humility, that's what authenticgenius is made of!

I use one side to do my holdfast and the other flat face to pound out my chicken.The Asian guy is so awkway and janky.G using his example, we would try to factorize 15 and choose the pair whose sum is 8.The idea of a Creator is much more scientifically logical than the idea of this coordination and symbiosis of molecules giving rise to tissues, overall giving rise to me typing this and you reading thismixed with emotions and self-righteousness, and intellect.I really appreciate your time and effort.Thecoughing and losing all your oxygen is getting old.

Because that shit would annoy me the

Because that shit would annoy me the

Me: cough 3 caps cough.If I don't eat this chocolate cake within the next 48 hours, I don't know what will become of me.So in my books, you Sir, are a Wizard.Next video: What is inside the League of Shadows.Great job - thanks for sharing.At 38:52, I’m pretty sure Magnus had Knight to b3 (Nb3!Grabe iyak ko dito.Next time I tried it was good till I ran a screw in and the it wasn'tflush but wasn'tas big of a gap.Watch this space.

The Chess Board does have a rule to set up.")Now, where's that "Subscribe" button.The teacher was so passionate.Yes I understand and have been practicing.4:35 and here, We see Thompson's position completely sliced into two parts by Morphy's rooks.Got me in tears!

YOU WIFE IS HAPPY AND YOU GET TO LIVE!You seem to throw out a lot of nice wood in this particular project.I have a small shop so I can make all I need, so for me, the price of this little bugger is my only concern.I might have a go.Thought they we're jordan 5's lol.This means making the strips 9 wide and shifting them one field, instead of 8 wide and flipping them.Sadly nobody ever plays it against me when I'm white, and I prefer to go into other defenses myself when I'm black.BaileyleeBar thanks :-) you can see the games from the tournament in my blog: blogdotchessdotcomdpruess.


Somebody is playing chess with the chairs

Facundo Castro

Mark Zuckerberg is not cool, its like a robot trying to be cool

U.S KLEIN Gamming

These are the best videos ever

salvatore etiopia

"Yeah, I got my revenge... last time was a draw" AmazingD

Billiard Action

Are you planning on doing a custom built carbon fiber shaft?

Paulo Adriano Matozo

Great escape to Magnus

Flash scientist

1:01:53 why not just playing Qh5 threatening check on f7 and then after Be3 and Kb5 I think it's a little better

sandy maea

HA! No way this guy'd make it in a union shop! to much of a liability . I keep watching to see him lop a finger off.of COURSE he needs a girlie saw stop! i'd be worried too. LOLLY !!

ashley vore

I would love to do this to all my floors

joseph migliore

You're a good man!!

Eduardo REVILLA C.

Muy hermoso trabajo. Saludos desde Per.

Channel Name

Upgrade it to be motorized

Lionel Messi

Suzukta played wrong move he should sacrificed his queen first so that he can take mikhail tal queen


34:01 ...... cheer up, lady


What a dump camera man

Bitchute is better than Youtube

The number one, without any doubt, easily 1000 times more aggressive than any of these weak ass openings is flipping the chessboard then punching your opponent square on the nose!

Qview Q

Back in the '80s we pitched 2 chess computers against each other and hours later we realised how they work. The play defensive and don't attack (as that would require skill) so they just move pieces about until you make a mistake and expose a piece that they can collect or get you into 'check' if they can, even if they can't sustain it. Therefore 2 chess computers playing each other just moved pieces about for hours not making mistakes so not loosing pieces to each other. Eventually we had to abandon the game realizing they don't have any AI at all but are just opportunistic.


haz un spinner


Moe.... you say literally way...... too much omg!!!!!

George Love

Love it

Victor Leong

Maybe your right or else our piece will cramed.

Dalimil Matousek

He looks like an angel! I thought he was older.

Brenden Davis

I me F5

Yogesh A

i read these two books 1985 and then 1986 ... Kasparov's gambit in Sicilian was famous .. he won the world championship then .....

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