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Hermitcraft S7 Episode 1: Very Unusual STARTER House!

"Gotta Long Island up that Ice Tea" 12:24-Mr.It's a supertask.How to avoid blunders?Thank so much words are not enough to express my gratitude and appreciation for you.The end result is simply awesome.Is taking the pawn on a3 and gaining a semi-open A file and doubling white's pawns on the C file enough compensation for black to give up the dark square bishop?

Total disrespect.Bucking frilliant tips!You can’t really capture here, because after captures captures captures you’ll have a possibly drawn endgame.Chi vui vy nhng ko bit ti u.One day you will have finished your video, before the game has finished :D Great video, thanks.

This isnt new though seen

This isnt new though seen

Se llama chess base.You  should just  castle  and hope  you  can survive "  .The billionaire's have become active here.Bro buy what you want to buy!Yay got tricked AGAIN.I would have been the one that gets everyone killed.Actually, that pretty much sums up the cast and doco as a whole.If it was, he would know immediately that Alice has 12 since that is the only remaining solution containing a 6.

Am i missing something?They get nothing.Have a great day.Is pine similar to fir (also known as abete)?I loved the comedy skit!What the meaning of the time control in chess?This recipe is amazing.

I do hope you all get something out of watching this other than how NOT to put the chess pieces on the board.MOREE PLSS THIS IS HILARIOUS.It's a badge of honour.No good comes from this.Nice: 2 ads now before the start of the video!Thanks for sharing this.

If Bob sees 8 then

If Bob sees 8 then

Five tenths precision is astounding on a part that big and a machine that old.Are you serious?Botvinnik blundered the game with 25.I do have a difference of worldview that all things believed prior to enlightenment was superstition and incorrect.The free pianos on Craigslist would fill a stadium!In my opinion, he was the most naturally gifted player of all time.Atleast the earrape I can hear with the piano or whatever part.

Jorge Martnez Romero

Oh..we are gonna miss this guy when he retires.

Supratim Pal

There should be some animation like cutting head

Maxim Daigle

What an,idiot...and the ppl supporting him are even more crazy...just because he says free stuff...add the numbers, he cant pay for it...whos the liar?

an Music : DL

ad choi ngu qua

Felix Hutchins

Why do you not play e5 to force the Knight back? Or am I missing something obvious?


A fantastic play. :3

Count Saint Germain

Fine stuff mr.composer !So fine stuff !Thanks !


41:14 There life style is work work and then try to keep it all together, and that will never happen!

Morgan Harris

I've watched TED for a number of years. By far the best talk ever conducted... Watched this at least 5 times, each time it makes me smile.

Jannik S.

wow I need this :)


Cover mo naman po yong mga old master

Slime.and. Swirl

6:02 i now get the joke

handan yamur

Wonderful thanks for sharing


Nice box nice build 5-Stars

Wolfsschanze wolf

The boy is a legend

Jogo Nexon

faltou falar uma coisa..kasparov t parecendo um james bon rabujento hauhauhuaau


Weirdly put together video. Laughing lawyer is bothersome

Edgardo Cesar

Sin palabras.

Black Magic

I love at the end how magnus shake hands.

Darin Mendoza

Sub toLazafos gaming

Rachel Chew

Hahahaha when John hugged Eugene


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