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Hermitcraft S7 Episode 2: The Magic Clock PRANK!

So there’s a jobless, friendless, legally insane person just walking around just getting crazier.Absolutely stunning.0:29 what about pawn d4 threatening the knigth on c3?Zvezda is so good, I love her work.This was awesome.0:15 alireza at 1st rank!

Joe was talking about

Joe was talking about

It's more or less rigged for alphazero to win, don't underestimate the real stockfish engine, the not so long lost engine champion!Thats the kind of video thats helpful.What about Bishop C6 to D5, 8:23 here!Tempering steel on a barbecue.Oil ki jgh ghee use kr skty h?Whats the best move after Ke2?Remember it well man.

I'm a total n00b when it comes

I'm a total n00b when it comes

Absolutely fantasticage old craftmanship at its finest.Before I got sick and downsized, I had 4x8' section of wall with well over a hundred clamps hanging up on it.15:31 a fishalso a bee.You have a huge talent!We don't build these instruments for you we build them to create excellence.The almost exact match happened on lichens today hahaha.Koi maza nahi aata hai.What you are showing is also Opening, but lazy way.I loved your video, you are funny at times and are good analyst.

If a guy

If a guy

Your legendary line"Then he's gone"I keep repeating it.Riddle 3 can have a ans of 8 alsoo.This is the best transition to sponsor I've ever seen.Too much work for me to try.Why doesn't that work for e?I saw the move, but I doubted myself and went with another move instead.But a daynight brightness control (if possible) would have made it perfect.The last digit is easily calculable in your head.This is basically watching the whole movie but only the soundtrack.That is beautiful!


On day 5, Alice can tell for sure. (I'll watch the reveal now)...Edit: I was right! Though I considered even numbers only. Actually, THAT doesn't shorten the solution, (see OP's fixed comment). Only ruling out "someone seeing zero" can shorten it. But the video never mentioned that rule, so: day 5!(Edit2: He even implicitly states Bob COULD see zero at 2:14 )

Artur Stan

QIf IT be playing 4k from YT?

Michael Jensen

FYI, you can 3D print a plane sharpening guide (like the one in the video):


This is by far the most reasonable and useful introduction to setting up and using a metal handplane I found on the net. Very well done, thank you!

aman yadav

Wow .....



Mark Castaneda

love the humor and editing

alexander Giannarakis

On move four of last game blue and green have check mate blue takes reds pawn with check yellow gets out of check and green checkmates with bishop .

Game Loot

Its like the ship is mid-warp or even broken through a black hole or some other kind of deep space disruption. Love it!

Eylon Photography

At 2:33 she made a move while the clock wasn't on her turn to move

Christopher Leeson

nice stuff

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