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Homemade Soft Faced Mallet - Scrapwood Challenge Episode Sixteen

I understood some things and some just went over my head.Also RC (while making tutorial video): "I don't recommend you write the code this way.This is what i have been searching for.I'm sure you have more skills I can't recall right now.

No one: Noen: I look hurt.Thanks again for this and all the other excellent videos.A few passes on the belt or with a file and it's an as-metal plane.Very, well, mecha.Hanging pawns or not,keeping up with Naka on the clock alone is impressive.9:16 how did vishy’s pawn get eaten?Came looking for copper, BUT FOUND GOLD!He's had a fantastic year.Really works well for me to help understand each step and the different techniques used.Got it this time.

That's a no-brainer.When music is made with the soul it can only excite.May I ask, what company was originally housed in this building?27:19 you're welcome (the title).Did that upside down router thing once.You are the man.

I would have made them better, but I had better things to do)"fix your movement""make the world gen smoother"etc, :P What doesn't seem to be understood is that I made this video for a one-off bit of fun, and I had no plans (and still don't) of continuing and supporting this game, because it was just a one-week challenge, and nothing more.If i want to add a background audio file for the game can u help me with what i should add to the game code and where.I'm getting there!For my taste u got a little bit too fast speaking :.Ans 27 but my ans 45.That's like every drunk game I've ever played.Thanks for giving this cool and great trick My friends were shocked that how did u even do it, tq.Most important Question, why is it recommended in 2020?Lol great movie.

Ace Calma

What did you do, Magnus? Youre 1 pawn ahead.

Ging martin

Wait you can castle through an attacked area?? teaches otherwise. Who's right?

missC Smith

love joe barber

soto soria

Stand up comedy

Katherine :3

Brands say craftsmanship and years of practice makes it worth the price but honestly lol just no.


Can someone explain me - why didn't the pawn take the horse at 2:06 ?

Dagmawi Tibebe

I got an exam about complex numbers in a week

Faisal 2010

Alan becker aku suka yang hijau


Genghis Khan played the greatest role playing game the world has ever seen.

Orlando Padilla

Great job. You made a wooden plunger.

SBE Precision Products

My Fadal won't rapid at that speed LOL.

Nathaniel A.

Unbelievably fantastic!!

smokey woki


Bunny Warren

Thanks for doing this video. One thought I had was when you are gluing up the final board design, you could have one of the edges with all the pieces flush to avoid having to make sure the rows are all level. That's not required if you're after some slight change between rows of course.


Playing on

Jamie Russell

I finally get into chess by watching a liberal Jew GM. Who woulda' thunk it?(As it were)

Richard McCandless

I love it when Morphy goes all Morphy on his opponents. Sizzling attack! Most enjoyable! Great video, Antonio.


Yo this is my favourite channel


Proud of the way you are raising yourdaughters! Nice Education video! Thanks!

Felix Johns

The best messenger u can find in Utopia ecosystem project.

Charles Story

Thanks Steve! Now I know why I’m getting kickback. I’ve had pieces kickback through Sheetrock before and one in the gut. Ouch!


420 OMG

Unmitigated Randomness

I actually just learned about the move 'Scholar's Mate' the other day and it blew my mind.


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