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Plastic (microplastic) in our inveroment is a big problem these days.Fisher captures on F4 0:58.This makes me want to get into modeling and printing something fierce!Puru was just a small King of small kingdom on border of india gave him his toughest battle,the army of the mighty Magadh empireof central India with 10,000 elephants would have eaten the whole army of ",this stupid great"for their breakfast.We will have more great chess!Relaxing music is much appreciated.29:53 notice disembodied voice.Ko phai thi ng nem a nha.

Lol In fact I thought about him too but they are always together so.Even Casparove n Fischer couldn't produce that magic on the board which Tal had produced time n again.A tool that doesn't fit your hand is a total misery to use.This stuff is so interesting and awesome!I don't watch Phara's parts.And then king at H3.This video scratched a deep, ancient itch for me.Your number ones are moronic.Yo TiTAN, Show us some Programming using Catia V6.

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your

How did he lose I'm confused.If we don't have condensed milk than what to do?I've been a daily viewer since 12k subs.She's very hot.How about (ab)n.1:30 There is a king on e2.I wonder who I’m related to.You did a great job and it was very informative and useful.

Very informative.Why Not you coverage the current tournament?Keith genuinely looks disappointed.This looks interesting and would like to add to my game collection sometime in the future Edit never mind people this product can’t be bought it’s been discounted why still have the video up if the product isn’t available anymore.But Black remains better with either move (e.Tournaments should be limited for players that have played over xx number of that type of game (against another human player).Awesome video thanks :).The last one has value for what was at stakes at that moment when a simple draw would have secured a title that seemed threatened only a few days before.Nice kua will dami mong natutulongan na tao.If you wanna use the console you can also do arrow up to load the previous command, although Im guessing you know that.


Commentator is cool. Impressive

amez gaming

mongolian history:its very great n stuffmongolia now:ill trade my son for a glass of vodka

- d a y d r e a m.

john is my spirit animal


I want James grime and Matt Parker!!! Plz Oh also tadashiMore of tadashi's toys!! Lel

Julin Shadowsphere

I find fascinating to put to fight different types of modules. I obsess over the big fights. Stockfish is the best.

Nicole Kriebel

Thank you for the video! I’m building one as well and have a question for you. I was under the impression that both my bookend slabs were the same size and they were except one is just under 2in and the other is 3in. I really don’t have the space or extra money to even them out like you.So my question is Why do they have to be completely flush? Thank you

Jean Passepartout

07:57 ...kinda awkward the way he overcomplicated it all, simply ...Qd3, Kc1...then Queen or Bishop to h6..

Zack Quinto

1:52 checkmate


may or may not have just watched all 2 hours. Do i have regrets? Zero.


My classmate tried to flex on me with 5 gigs of ram

Gerardo Garza

Beyond awesome.

Shahbaz Ansari

Very nice

Christopher DeLange

This is new, and my favorite type.Finally opponents who average over 2000.These games were amazing, keep up the good work Jerry!


The slim was in regards to his chances of winning

Itolu Kibami

99 this age peopleOnly 1percent observe the game

Baraa Jad

I Improved way up after this V. Thanks man.

Hovering Van

Bruh every opening is his favourite opening


Excelente trabajo

yuvaraj kandasamy

The funny thing is that i had to see the same ad twice

Keme Dora

Inspiring :')

Data Monkey

he says 1921 right at 1921,19:20

Rianto Manik

Dimana mana main catur utamain roker klo ada kesempatan buat cari aman

Yusuf Dewangga

yg dislike berarti sudah pro player hehe.


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