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Horrible Blunder At US Chess Championship (2017)

En bataki arknn ad ne?He walked to the boards of the low rated players and analysed their games with them.N1 Diresta how much is the Fish?Not only the ideas are great, but also your workmanship (vending machine to robot car to radar etc), and speechless presentation are very good.PLEASE GET RID OF THE STAR WARS SOUND EFFECTS.Magnus, be aware!Y this crazy guy laughing.That looks beautiful.

Clamp 34 plywood flush with the top of the work on both side,.I never woulda known lol.Pls help im a beginner.Beautifull, instructive, walkaway!Why didn't anyone try the inverted calculator?Most of the energy in this reaction is just dumped out as all that fire.U dont need to corner the king, you could just control ranks until u hit the last one and sidestep the king until hes forced to a back row mate.Sure wish you would stop the spindle all the way before backing out the bar, saves on the tool bit ware and leaves just 1 straight line in finish.

He won't be

He won't be

Play the Ben Finegold drinking game!You guys just standing in the middle of the street you guys need to walk around and stop talking please.Thank you very much, Daniel.I like doing this in the Kings Indian Defense.Too bad it cured poorly.The only stalkers that stalk me is the jehovah witness.Thinking of nude models in ways that objectify them is really ignorant because these aren't objectively sexy Abercrombie style models who who just pose for a living.Prusa: "yes the add-ons are fully cosmetic"fan shrouds.I guessed and said 4 and i was right lmao.

The dude literally stormed the house of a former presidentp.He's a bit scared of the fishing pole because Qh6 after opening the h file looks dangerous as u still have both bishops pointing that way.The board is Wrong adjust.2:44 what if oponent plaj knight f6.I have some balustrade and paling in kwila, but am unsure of it's workability.I am no longer losing to sub par players.I met him last year and we talked about his game with alireza!I never thought of it as an issue or a troubled past seeing as it was an all-out blast.

Nothing and good luck (handmade).

Nothing and good luck (handmade).

Anyone out there having an old computer you use no more.2 minute strategy 3 minute video.I love Sam's eyes.Or did you make the code.The kids are adorable.I see that in older videos you had a 12v impact driver, was that good enough for your projects?Just amazed at what 3D printers can do now.Mampreheatlowheat Pr kare aurkitne time k liye kare reply kare.

If e is the natural language of calculus, to the extent where ln(x) is called the natural logarithm, why is log to the base 10 (x) so common?I watched a tutorial just like this on the same topic like 3 years ago dang why did I remember it though.That is completely rediculous.I LOVE THIS GUY!Sounds like politics.

There is also a mate theme called bodenmate.30 years later and I’m a lot bigger and wouldn’t be able to do the things I could when I was younger.Tjanks for the video enjoyed a lot.(Emanuel Lasker)p.Vidit should have won the tournament, but that move Qe2 was terrible.Good job Bernie turds!I can understand that normal players where afraid of him.If Grandi's series is 1, that means the light is on.

And position is

And position is

Been in office over 30 years.Com and join the Chessbrah club!Oh come on, the idiots these days.Saat maen bagian hitam sama bagian putih.He didn't like the Soviet chess system, but he respected the chess players.2020 18jt view gileeee.

Irfan Jahi

12:30 did anybody else noticed bishop b6 reveal check and then bishop takes queen


4:41:44 does Rxc3 not work?If knight takes rook then queen to b7 followed by queen to c6 after the check and you can pick up both minor pieces easily.And if the knight does not take the rook then the bishop is pinned and unprotected as well as you just gaining a free pawn.I don't have any programs to check this so if anyone could let me know how well that would work I would appreciate it.

Rurth Fugami

Looks like stuff you get in Slime Rancher


Best video editing skills of any wood worker on YouTube hands down, Paul!

Roman Rajesh

Chess Challenger call me my number 7397126335

C Studentz

So what happnedy

Daniel Jones

Tyler thanks your video was awesome I got a lot of great information thank you

Robert Brunhage

I got the camera to stop with the bounding box. But how big should it be, as the foreground is moving faster I can't have the bounding box cover the whole ground the player is walking on. Any ideas or should I just make the bounding box smaller than the actual map?


wtf even is this lolllll

Sunil Kumar

shakira is sexy

Darius Noxus

at 25:12 why couldn't kh1 be Played?

Ali Hamidi

51:03 Bg5


rip Caruana


There is a third solution: Summation from n=0 to infinity of (.25)(2n3)(.75)n. Every other day, starting on day three, 1/4 of the permutations are eliminated. Thus on days 1 and all even days the likelihood of elimination is zero. The probability of elimination on any of the remaining days is 1/4 times the fraction of permutations left (assuming that all possible permutations that would ensue from those that hit doors 1 and 7 are dead). The mean day of elimination can then be calculated by multiplying the chance of elimination on each day times the day number and then summing them. That is what the summation above represents. The converges by ratio test, and it does so towards 9.

King Richard

I've had a server for two years it's the older one I never wanted to do web hosting but don't know where to start I'm wondering if you'd be able to help me with some suggestions I want to make something like GoDaddy


I’ll be your enemy for $5.I don’t know where you live, but for another $5 I won’t try to look it up.

woody toy story

Roy Crying


I have no friend

C Wright

the internet blows me away.....EVEN  IF????  you were a  peer with this kind of talent how in the heck could you post a dislike for this kind of skill and respect for your art.... wowsub.d and liked

Jainil Gosalia

OMG! I just realized. I had accidentally disliked the video. I made it to a like. Why would anyone dislike a game from Ivanchuck?


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