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This one is a well explained video.What tools to spend money on is a great service to me, (besides your videos are awesome.Very impressive.I am just glad phones were not invented in Israel.Quadratic formula: -b - sqrt(b square - 4ac).

Great vid thanks!Itinagago lang seguro nila dahil sa hiya, na may mga tinatawag silang kasintahan.The bubble makes it.Turn off that damn Nuit noise in the background.Best of luck to you F.

I want to learn how to play.

I want to learn how to play.

I allso Hope we will have an Akiba Rubinstein Saga.I am just a hobbyist cabinet making.Kya raja ko sirf raja hi mar sakta hai ya doosre tokens bhi mar sakte hain?I have learned a lot.Com: "Red move, you fool, you fell victim to one of the classic blunders.When losing a game do you throw a hissy fit and offer a reluctant, dead-fish handshake?Those days were gold.Now first let’s hear from our sponsor, raid shadow legends.

Thanks for the link

Thanks for the link

Flooded with combinations on each move from either end.Wow, more of things like that !It really got me hooked on chess.Kindly tell alternate of almond flour.It does not matter how asian you are.(Cabinet for the home,Island for the kitchen)These are ideas for next year.Love your videos Moe.Me: The Yt comment section, I'm going to suprise him.

Thank you for my

Thank you for my

Like some of yourECONOMIES.At 30:04 couldn't you have just play g3 winning the rook for a pawn.Ding Liren protected against both a potential fork and a trapped knight with that move.You should have more subs.It's kinda weird that you are re-assembling bamboo again, that had been cut into skewers :D.Your chess skills are very good.Absolutely amazing.Vera level bro, semmaaaa.Or is it just another way for "scientists" to get PhDs?

I have the pieces and the

I have the pieces and the

This is jw(junior woodchuck) douche.But thanks for the lessons theyre helpfull even for a 1730 blitz player!Of course Luke has a David's like body.Smyslov variation.This video is great!Really very nice anna.


"India is producing grand masters at an alarming rate" lol

Ibrahim ehab

You’re amazing


Your cutting pad has 1" squares.You use a 1 cm wide walnut band and a 6 mm wide copper core cut from standard US 3/4" grade M copper pipe and then observe that the pipe is "size 11" which is a US size, not a metric size.20 gauge wire is also a US size, not metric (when you say "20 gauge wire," you are specifying "American Wire Gauge" which is defined in US standard measurements, just like the copper pipe you used).So what's with the schizophrenia?Why not standard units - 1/4" wide copper core and 3/8" wide walnut band?

Christopher Hunt


Alyssa Hernandez

I put this video on any time I read the Harry Potter books

Ganesh Hegde


Astra Celestrias

omg the memories from this. still the best battlechess game ever

C Vidal

I'm sorry, but I find you are very incorrect about your tangent scenarios of "if you move this here, then move that there" then saying the game would be over if those moves were played. But there are so many variations, you only pick 1/out of/100 and try to play it off as that's the way it would go down. I can no longer continue. Can't watch your channel any longer. The Masters legendary games are great, but listening to your side scenarios, I feel they are filled with falsehoods, and unimaginative.

Kalpana Jadhav

Nice receipe....i will try it ...

Michael Pombo

My god, Noel Gallagher drop Oasis to teach math now!


HP=Horse Poop!


PUBG is the best of all

Muhammed Almuhammed


Mwangi Kimani

The truth is that Magnus had the bishop (Bf1) line variation figured out, Anand (to his horror) found out too late that it didn't work, and threw in the suicidal variation Nf1 as a last gasp. But the simpler Nf1 variation had been dismissed by Anand earlier, it wasn't a blunder as such, but it allowed him to "save face" and not look too bad. A "blunder" is always better than getting utterly out-played.

Lakefront Family Dentistry D.Hauser,DDS

I am no expert, but THAT is some PRO LEVEL branding!!

Porfle Popnecker

Trump isn't "trolling" anyone. He's simply giving a gang of vile, deranged cretins the treatment they deserve.


0:48 if black pond didn't take white pond then

Stop writing that reply Johnathanthan

I don’t get it, none of them even knew how to play chess and the guy at the start opened1.b4

Kevin Reyes Kev

These were just simple tactics I wanna see a good deep move like 20 moves in depth wise

Johnathan Roth

38:51 I think white resigned because of NcB3 and then the pawn runs. :D

Jonathan Ambray

Next chess:100 people can play

Eko Purnomo

Next back hand flick .. nice

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