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HOW CARLSEN PLAYS RUY LOPEZ??? Best Magnus Carlsen Chess Games With Commentary || Carlsen Ruy Lopez

Love the scrap challenge, this got my sub.Thank you Magnus!Im pregna---me:.

Loki's moustache tho.

Loki's moustache tho.

New Fkn Zealand!Every word is literally in front of your face lmao enjoyed the video bud keep up the amazing work.Sucha calming voice to listen to.Rxf2, the best move for white couldn't be 14.What happened between carlsen and nepo.That was a sweet caro kann trap, me likey LOL.Fischer had an even score against Euwe (1-11).And sended message to read.Thanks I enjoyed it ).

Imagine a game of strip chess between Magnus and Anna.It only took youtube 3 weeks to recommend this video.If we develop cloning technology we should clone him.Thankzz for the movie upload.The Corona Virus will cause the new World Chess Champion to be a junior!At 3:26 why is king to b1 played ?Thats not fair with mens.The flap doesnt look right lol this is pretty neat though.Hey I have gravity maze :D.

Kaya Praise GodLahat nang pag subok may purpose.Sorry vat19 when I got hickeys I broke them in a week.I like that you usedwood from the salvaged tree for your mom.I really like the brass blade-set that you made and it has given me the idea to do something similar to some old Japanese planes that i have that suffered water damage and dont hold the blade true anymore.Keep putting out the great videos!The red,green and yellow arrows to show opponent's plan, threats.Holy moly milling skills!This video is not at all for amateurs.:) I have to say that it is always astonishing to watch you play bullet.

Allan Cannamore

Okay. The ending cracked me up.

dhubado jamac

simply great. i wanna do again so that i can get one more ipad :P. be mature and do this, never forget to fill with your mail id and ph number. have a try and enjoy :) :

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

You also need to show how to capture the king : he must be surrounded on all four corners. Exception is "king" squares do not need to be occupied by black pieces to capture the king.Also, a piece is captured/killed by flanking it on both sides when you move BUT if the enemy moves between 2 pieces and becomes flanked on both sides, you are not allowed to capture the piece. The capture can only be done by flanking if you move your piece to do a flank. If the enemy player moves his piece between 2 of your own pieces, you are not allowed capture.

none urbusiness

but wait, you didn't show us how it tastes lol

Azman Syamsyudin

Up to u bro

Quad Tiggersson

At 12:26 when Zack gave Ned the question if his marriage was better than Keith, Keith was like:Oh this got interesting. Bring it on Bitch XD


Because was sunny.

Victor Ulha

25:05 that's too awesome

One Bad Hombre

Omg that's amazing! I wish I had one.

The Ghost of Irrelevancy

I asked my mom if we could go to best buy yesterday. Why mom.

An Nguyen

Hi a

fabrizio rossi


Navajo Ninja

Nice, but my 20 dollar folding board with pieces in it does the job.

King Minhvuong

Good work bro!


You didn't fail. You ParkerSquared!

Ellis McPickle

"Raahr eat you for dinner roawrrr" - Peewee Herman plays chess.

shawn burnham


Amos Luther

23:42 fetty wap(phara wap)with one eye open


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