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How many GMs did you beat by the time you were 13? | Srihari LR

Where can i buy this filament extruder?Joe took the sneak head part to serious they didn’t mean a hype beast just girls who wear both.Nice to see there are pple that still have the moxxy and skills to continue.That would be about an 80 lb bow at 28 which is the standard measurement he should have given, when I watched this little man pull the bow, believe me.Advani sir this opening is very incisive.

Hello sir  you just became my favourite teacher, your voice makes it  very interesting.Magnus and alpha zero have never been in the same room together.Like bitcoin once did this app reached 2.The king under the mountain is dead.Somebody ask me why he played queen c1.Can you help me?

:D hilarious threat Stockfish found (I wouldnt see this in a million years).South Carolina blacks don’t speak for all blacks.Plz full detailed explain in sbitly.A brilliancy in my eyes.I carved many alphabets recently, I came here to watch something new and this is awesome.You are too funny.That endgame mastery in the first game.GET YOUR SELF SOME LAL MERCH HERE.The examples in the tutorial are middle game and really good.Hermoso trabajo,.

Thankfully, it still looks pretty cool!Is she spitting other dudes bars.This is a phenominal lecture.And yes, I did skip a few.Beeing up a rook is better (but it could mean you get checkmated soon).10:40 starts the lecture.

Saurabh sharma

Where are you work please tell me factory name


Apparently no one ever told this dude You can't cheat in chess

Coolboy123 Omgmghyxd

The iPhone is 39 dollers


beautiful endgame technique  


Who tf are you and why havent i found you before?! My props buddy, i really like your commentary! Keep it up

Ralph Vielma

I love your videosman! I wish I could be your apprentice seriously, !

Cool Boy

Brilliant game


Please make a plane with wheels.

Amer Al-Hiyasat

Do you think its possible to do this with a coping saw? I can't afford a scroll saw.

agnes hwang


Nikola Radev

7:13 why did blacks move the knight away from C6? It was covered and was defending A7, which got taken on the next turn... I’m a beginner, but this looks like a bad move to me, what am I missing?..


Just a saying.He usually eats granola bars as a snack, and just associates it with prizes.

ranjan rana

Pregnantananda my favorite!!!

Finian Parker

How do u put the matches out then???

Mary Hupf

Wow, the table is amazing!So creative.


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