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Matt I teach at Cherrybrook technology High and would like to use this video with my class.Energy converted to matter.I'm not blaming Magnus, but i blame "super computer" phenomenon.Sagar, amazing series of videos!A typical female, Michael then gladly accepts Adam's joke that "it's actually my fault" as testament, as it shifts the culpability from himself.22:15"Once again KnightDriver missed a knight fork.You got us, Steve :P You got all of us!The ultimate question becomes, where did the energy sufficient to create the big bang come from?

Of course, swearing.Ampangit ng lalake.And half who didn't get to catch it instead of suffering any other form of public humiliation.No coffee, eat oatmeal:):):).Actually the Girl was not checkmate but she retreated because she knew that that after one move pragnanandhaa would checkmate her by moving his queen to the corner of the board.

I tried it and it was just fabulous!

I tried it and it was just fabulous!

I think white would be forced to protect against the next move being knight to c3 and lose a couple of pieces in the process.I worked with epoxys finishes for over 30 yrs professionally.Itna dimag nhi chlta mera.I can checkmate you in 4 moves.Biden and Buttplug are genuine?4:12 you are now among the gods, agadmator.Saya mau pesan satu.I am Magnum Carlton now.

Janangal vithikkanam exactly

Janangal vithikkanam exactly

Looks like he could be 10 or 30.(this comment seems weird btw).Before I say anything else I want to make it clear that I don’t side with this man in anyway.That's the take of Anand and Harikrishna did."Euler, he works everything out!I thought boy was not boy because he look like she.

Gostei muito das ideias.

Gostei muito das ideias.

It's when a person is too dumb and ignorant to know they're dumb and ignorant, thus commoners can easily be lulled into thinking they possess some great knowledge or wisdom.Or I can’t think of the name lol.I bought his courses and it was a complete joke.Really interesting!Love the fact that you can use kreg tool and track assembly.But you rescued it and patiently began your restoration magic, carefully turning an unattractive, rejected, and unwanted item into a beautiful regal work of art, worthy of its own dazzling display in Versailles!It says,"don't leave".Careful with your back Mr Schade.If he would check the king at 1:37 with the Queen wouldnt he get a free Bishop?Ch3mG33k still he wins.

dima hmel

2:30:33 here whites should move the queen to h5 and threatened mate and if blacks protecting then whites take bishop to d5 and 2 then for whites. Am I right? or I miss something? Even f5 move for blacks doesn't help a bit. Because bishop takes f5, rook takes f5, queen takes f5.

SNES Chalmers

This is awesome!

Viktor Bilstad

How the f did the bishop get to d3? Can it jump over the pawn??? 19:33

Cody Coffman

I always enjoy your videos! Especially this one, as i just finished re-reading the two towers.Your videos always help me in parts i might have missed or over read. Please keep up the good work! I know you will! Heres to keeping our fellowship strong!

Massimiliano Farris

awesome tournament and awesome coverage. thnx Jerry

Jett James

7:18 thought it was gonna show the GameCube menu there


Make a video on Indian rush game

liping zhong


Jerilyn Holm

Always my favorite of them all


Imagine having the hyperbolic time chamber and training chess haha


how about sand it to about 5mm deep including about 4" of wood all around it and put a 5mm glass topper?


so what's the more valuable lesson here, how to spot a lie, or, how to lie better? :P

Incog Nito

I'm sorry for all these questions, but what is Tung Oil? And Poly, is that some kind of plastic resin? ETA nvm, it is Epoxy, ok thanks!I only know how my father used to do things... in Swedish, LOL!! (He made my book shelves. They are covered in a mixture of terpentine balm and honey. This gives them a lovely golden patina and they smell divine!!)

Mugiwara Darwin

Of course they're weird, or rather, bizarre.Because GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD!!!

Niklas Gardewik

You should attend at dreamhack in Sweden

Y si lo Hago ?

Nice job and great shop, congratulations

Sod Almighty

This is not mathematics, this is playing silly buggers. Why don't you get a proper job? Grids of numbers with arbitrary rules and chain-reactive explosive properties are not themselves numbers. At best, what you have here is an imaginary branch of chemistry.

lady kenja

- VERY good info. Thanx.

Skittles are spicy

So it's like Khet but not Chess part

Start to cook

You copied from sona verma or by yourself

Jesus Piece

The energy after he spoke bad about Texaslil flip face was priceless

estiven gonzales

Eres Grande!

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