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He lost 1200 Rs.Chess is an amazing game.SLPIT YOUR SOULSEVEN PARTS OF A WHOLETHEY'RE HORCRUXESIT'S DUMBLEDORE'S END!Ned,Eugene and Keith's reaction to Zach saying stuff abt tiktok is just downright relatable af.I may have expressed this wrong, but i hope u get my point.

Wow, so much information in this video, and a really great build.Congratulations, you played yourself.That's Creepy Moe sargi you love playing with fire you are savege and breave one you pure guest that what I call live a little Oh my goodness Moe sargiGot summons by Demon one again hug and kiss to from me Ooops know what that means Ghosts Gus's and the Damon have come out to play peek a boo and Scary games because you have open the Dybuk box oh boy See orb flying past you and Ali h on your right side of you guys weird noises around you guys and Creepy footsteps in the background oh my gosh good ghost activity and poltergeist parnanormal sweet so Freaky Sketchy Creepiest Spookise Scariest as it can be love your YouTube because you are the best Moe sargi l believe in ghosts appreciate what you do new from UK.He didnt make his own mayonaise.My mother is number 11.They no longer attempt a Fool's Mate opening every game hahaha.

How do you calculate a price to the client?I hope to one day save people from this fate.Fk you factor, to this position.Hi patty there Hese thedevilIn the hause.Sorry but at 9:59 the pawn exchange is a bit buggy is it not?He's like the real life version of every child genus from the movies ever lol.Patty-I just MUST say this:you and Heather -you look greatand you are such a good team-you 2ANDyouALL!Its a good video Rex I learnt from Paul Sellars who is very good to.What is the material that you are troweling on before you sprayed?

"Thx for ur reply!What are those metal fasteners called that you used to hold the top down?Great voice and presentation.(general question, I just don't know.Part of the reason I watch these videos is for the Microjig promos.

Just watched this

Just watched this

Peter Svidler will play another Banter Blitz session today (9 PM CEST)!Brilliant over view of that format which I had never heard of.I am very disappointed that a chess festival is not called a chesstival.So, my cheeseburger has a small chance of a cow having it’s own dried-up milk on top of it?I follow many YouTubers but u r the only one who made baking so easy and tempting awesome.Holly crap i am from slc utah and I still live here.

LOL Thanks for this retro memory I barely remember.I love the shot of you laying down at the end.Let me proof it.It is depressing to see such widespread lack of integrity.I'm 30 second into this guys video.Not to mention, watching it all the way to the end.Even though the music isn’t that similar.Thank Man always on the look out for Aussie content creators.Damn fine presentation.

So that would mean normal chess is 3D.

So that would mean normal chess is 3D.

How I can get this responsive?23:25 the reason Fried Liver attack is called this way comes from the dish Fegatello which is liver fried with onion.I love this, but I have a suggestion.Me: found the mate after 10 minutes.Snapchat pirates."Little science takes you away from God, but more of it takes you to him.I used to own one.

Grace Keller

I used to know a bunch of digits of pi because of a song I found on YouTube. I was vibing with Sam at the end until his rhythm got off from the rhythm of the song and then I was just so lost.

Dr. Sucuk

he looks a little like the kid from star. wars i forget the nameanakin?

khoa tothatviet

nuoc 44...Mf4 thng nhanh gn l

Anna Parr


Glen Cook

Man that's not what you put in a pipe

Davin Greene

That chuckle at 1:43 just like: REALLY?

Pablo Lpez-Ortega

You guys are boring...experts. Boring experts.

Mike Ivy

Love gold-leaf...I wish I was talented...

Peter Turner

Hard to believe that is the same piece


Young blood

Aaron Wilde

9:05 I don't understand B4, threatening the bishop with an unmarked pawn? Then the bishop does not capture it. Have I missed something?

Akira Shichi

Duuuuuuuude ... This is not a guitar. This is a piece of art. You've got my every bit of respect.


I wish you would have taken 3D pens into account.

True Contrarian

To make the trick even better, I make a premonition of the card on the final turn. I write down the card and its position, namely the favourite number chosen by the amazed party. It's easy to do.  To locate the card on the turn simply count from either 0,9 or 18 until you reach the favourite number. Eg. to reach 25, count 7 turns of 3 from 18. To reach 14, count 5 turns from 9. Just memorize these 3 cards and when your guest choses the final pile, continue to place it as normal. You now know the card and can prognosticate it by writing it down before the big reveal. You can even do it without seeing the cards on the first two turns. Have pulled it off, to much bemusement. Many thanks for the inspiration for it Matt.

Asjad Azeez

Nakamura blunders like a novice.

Faust Vandrake

First of all, do Vanilla JavaScript. Frameworks have an expiry date and keep updating very often.


Omg, Nola absolutely 'carried' that and they voted her out?? And then they proceded to fk T-pose... I'm sorry but like, incels?

DEDE Soeharyana

Bro, punya buku buku catur kah ? Kalau ada sy mau copynya nanti sy ganti biayanya, sy cari buku ke gramed ga ada


Sir aap sirf match batate jao .... Duniya bhar ka kyu batake bor karte ho .... Video bhi etni lambi hoti hai .... Plz aap Jo match hui hai use hi dikhaye ... Possibilities hum samaj sakte hai ....

ameer np

1:43:32: ...: ... ...

Adam Doskoil

Yeah.. But what if the paperclip was blue?


Starting at 11:22 the say goodbye and by the end of it Susan seems so fed up with this bs.Like honestly same.

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