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How the Warriors Offense Dominated In Game 5

I'm so glad you grought it back to life.18:32 the truck that came to the 3 opposite one ways fell into a black hole there.Thanks for sharing, and entertaining!

How did you divide it

How did you divide it

Can u show more end-game focesed examples, please?Even if it didn’t feature your amazing skill with a band saw!Actually arouses a wave of thoughts in minds of people who want to comment and get likes.That horizon line is such a slick touch.I am sorry for you.Look at the subtitles at 5:02 haha.It continues to astound me how biden parades around the memory of his dead son for political gain,while Bernie’s daughter-in-law dies of cancer during this primary season and the media glosses over it.45:26 soy sauce for bowser.The Man, the Myth, the Magnus.

Clap clap clap.So i multiple V by 10 then it works.Do you sell them?Do you sell them?The problem is that God is speaking to us and we’re not listening.Bishop in Los Angeles takes Rook in New York City!The best chess play and simultaneously some of the worst moves in history lol.The 4th dimension is time I thought.

Please explain 13:00.

Please explain 13:00.

Carl: Because They all had Evil Eyes.Mag crippled it the entire game.28:51 What if someone from the audience asked, "Who's joe?Gotta love that second game.And not only does he keep his video camera aimed and focused to let me watch everything up close, but his communication skills are remarkably good, too.

One to one correspondence.Hello, I'm living days away from 2020.0:01-0:10 Probably one of the most recognizable sounds known to men.Does anybody knows."Zechariah 10:2 says: The idols speak deceit, diviners see visions that lie they tell dreams that are false, they give comfort in vain.Is that because I am too late?Anish Giri resigned ?What about the stream?And it works lol.If somehow I ever become famous im mentioning this xDp.

Mark Farmer

Useful to about 6 people Worldwide.

Jonas K

At 19:48 about playing h3, I think f5 might be better prophylaxis here: it stops Bg4 by blocking the Bishop's path, but it simultaneously cuts off black's Queen from g5 and h5. In particular you can safely do Qh5 next move. Additionally h3 blocks the (admittedly slow) rook lift Rh1-f1-f3-h3.The flip side: a knight on d5 is subject to fishy tactics with something like 1. -, Bxf5 2. ef Qxd5 if your Queen is out of the way black regained a pawn, simplified and weakened your center.Just some random thoughts :-)

Guilherme Gouveia Lopes

quadratic formula: -b - sqrt(b square - 4ac). It should be -1 - sqrt(-3) !!!

Correctly Outraged

Enjoyed it thanks!

Fajardo Andrew

Wanwan ult?


Ok, it's Daniel Rensch, I'm not gonna watch this video.

Nothing Special





Wieso beenden die immer das Match,wenn noch soviel Figuren auf dem Feld sind.


can we get these Magnus banter blitz videos in a playlist? thanks!

Insignium Insignia

It was over 8 years ago guys!


i think you are better then agadamator and suren chess

Chad C

Great job

Denz Something Else

Hello girl pink

balamurali Nair


Adam Bumgarner

Hey that could also be used for a helmet in the wood chuck wars. Nice!!

Giorgio Moneta

u r a genius man!

Dustin charles

Can someone please explain how he got chess brahs computer because that threw me for a loop

Andries Oliviier

Maartens van der Merve and Chane van Heerden (the Cemetery Head Hunters) should be on this list.

Tech Support

Home Made Minecraft

Samuel Winata

would you mind to review this play from shigatsu kimi no uso (your lie in april) live version? the violin will be played on the middle tho... Thank you, I hope you can review it because it looks good. thank you


That is absolutely amazing! Bravo bro!

iTeemo gRg

13:15 What’s that two red dots behind you?

Charles B

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature that line was used on the final episode of Silicon Valley, it was perfect.


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