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How The Warriors Offense Excels With Deception And Precision

Title should be: a random stupid bitch reporter interviews the GM hikaru Nakamura.Too bad no one makes avtual scale models of engines.Pht 11ph 05 sao hu en ko n tng trng nh hu trng cng u chiu ht c u.

5:48 NoThe Problem Is INEVITABLE.

5:48 NoThe Problem Is INEVITABLE.

I think he beat himself against TrickyMate.I didnt understand wohl nakamura exchanged the Queens in he want to reach a draw.At first might be a bit confusing.He steve, you sertainly have changed since you started.From paperclip trade to a houseVillagers: 1 emerald for leather.

Noen is delightful and seems to bring out

Noen is delightful and seems to bring out

:) :)commentary by 'Guru'.You with the wrong answer!Using a cylinder, with pointed or round ends (guaranteeing you don't land on an end) is the easiest way to get a fair die of any number of sides.So that's how I skinned the cat.ANNABOX THERAPY.I have a mission for you.Suggestion This is old but I came across this now attack piece sacrificeIdk if you've already shown this.Your videos are R rated."Mathletes"Me: clap.Seems to be the actual shortcut to show the console in Chrome on Windows is Ctrl Shift I, not Ctrl Alt I.

It ends up as a never-ending

It ends up as a never-ending

Greetings from Italy.Bn i garry kasparov c mnh bng carlsen nm nay khng.To me it looks like a free pawn.You can get an old 2015 MacBook Pro for the same price and it's way better.Glad you're doing a series for learners Jerry.

I assume it

I assume it

I think theres already a cure for cancer, but the pharmaceuticals and hospitals wont support it since they will likely lose profits.  thanks great job.I can reccommend you get into sharpening, it will make your work happier.5:03Wait is that a flying truck?Harrelson may be slated to play Fischer and was doing background.Really appreciated the effort.Pity that Hotel was taking apart.What the twin paradox is, then, is the question "If the point of view that the earth and universe are moving while the spaceship stands still is equivalent to the point of view that the earth and universe stand still while the spaceship moves, then at the reunion each twin's difference in age vs.

Chinmay H

Not really sure why opponent resigned at 1:37:06 ? Can anyone explain

Dishil Vaghela

Thanks Mato.....:)TrueFan

C.L Strife

So what you're saying is that we are born out of a dying star.

John Johnson

I'm just blown away, I don't know what else to say other than, thanks!

Christopher Maschek

Question for Prusa, at the headquarters, now that you are shipping the SLA printer, what is next?

narion tuft

I’m a machinist apprentice and I love watching your videos !


Great vid

Salim Mohsin

And in this position stockfish resigned the game Agadmator


Mario Albornoz

Mesas no existe .soy chileno pero maradona un mostr.

Brandon Scullion

I love seeing you this happy

s sujata Mishra

Plz mere sir ka name likhdijiye plz jaki sameer khan plz bhaya plz plzplzplz

vishal chavda

Which software you used for chess database and analysis?

gaming world

Wtf the last granger

Saint Dufus

1:03:48 Eduardo Iturrizaga (FIDE 2626) is the first-ever Venezuelan GM.

Amr Wahdan

where's penguinim ? it seems a lot of players didn't play this time

chetan sahu

White Rook E1 to E6 after spending some time there then to E7 at one go [4:14]? Isn't this an illegal move?Later in the video, I saw several such unprofessional moves. Pieces were taken to one particular position then brought back and then taken to some other place. several moves with pieces were touched and then move was not made. That guy is playing for the first time I guess. The girl could have flagged for such moves and could have screamed for disqualification.

Bryan Powell

If Ba7 Rxa7 b6 Bxg4, how is bxa7 losing for white? I can't find a way for black to penetrate the position.


My stalker went on to kidnap me...yup take note of your paranoia..he is after you!


Quite a different game, very much enjoyable and appreciated


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