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How to analyse your chess game with

I got all except 2 one.I used this variation in mytoday's game and got full point.This piece is priceless!Why spoiler in title :(.

The thought of these old beasts winding up in a landfill cause it needed batteries is just plain sad.After watching end of video.Why didn't he prepare the second wave of planes with anti-ship armament?Gxf3 Qxa1 $8 22.Who's here to see agadmator.School sends his ass home to the parents that were made aware of the child snitching, causing a severe ass kicking until the kid is convinced that he has to say he lied.The most selfish, indulgent, and corrupt generation of all time, which set our country back to before WWII.Qae8-Kf5Qhe5 checkmate.It's so obvious.Why explore them twelves moves out?

Hands off to him.Great video I think you should make a video on scholars mate!Wesley so turned out to be dogs of war.Qa1 Kh7 d7 Qe7 Qd4 Qe2 Qe3.Huge respectto you man for uploading these videos so we can learnregards-from Pakistan.I would suggest getting a Dragon, but they don’t come in silver!

How does a Russian make that mistake?The only downfall is the wood you chipped up.KC how did you come about this game?Here in UK the I KEA units you use are 17 each added to other materials your nice little cart would cost in materials only over 200.You can only do that at newbies.I actually was wondering about this.23:44 that was the most awkward confetti lmao.

Every fucking list is same.

Every fucking list is same.

Black was on defense the whole game, not once attacking just TRYING to protect.God bless you to your any challenges and I hopefully you were safe anytime.Where is magnus.Garry does a lot of drama in chess game for psychological benefits.The knight is not being attacked with b4.Lol there r so many!3:53 missed winning move Nh5.Is it bad I recognized the binary immediately?

To get a friction finish on the body

To get a friction finish on the body

Print(" ") for (int jyj1j--) System.Aki2 gak pake celana rejeki ga kemana.This was an awesome video!0) BTW just won a cool game in "Dlugy-Style".17:47 Best kind of excited smile.Wow weird place.I like Jinx outfit idc idc idc.

Of course, the

Of course, the

Why isn't chou in the dragons altar?What is it that I'm missing?I love Morphy style sacs and this one is up there with the best of the best.Absolutely obscene.Wow i love yourvoice, and your way toexplain things, and i think u should continue on this project,Like u make online conduction to play whit your friend on this appOr to play with computer.This blow my mind!I play chessbut just imagine someone’s face who had no clue what’s going on: :.MLBB is not being subtle on copying this one This new mode needs battle sound effects, it's weird not hearing their attacks make sounds.When that obviously will lead to checkmate!Hi Pask, I just wanted to tell you, I love watching all of you scrap wood challenges!

Sir Centong

50:12 suara apa itu njir??? ada suara lain selain bang radit, dengerin dgn seksama deh!kyk suara raungan monyet dan suara orang sendawa.


Magnus will look so good once the beard fills out

Travis Evans

Jinx fit is some ass

Abhishek Muralidharan

If Bobby doesn't believe in dragons, then he must hate Game of Thrones.

Julie Isbill

How come your square roots are always positive?

charan tej

Brother naku artham kha ledu

Don’t Do it

Dude perfect has a pear


Excelente maestro, otro trabajo implecable.


Where is that home depot?

Ozzy Mandias

Money parent get from government is too little? how about you get a job

hayley granger

Should of put tommy you peace of shit on it

Hashir Thadathil

Edhu vijayichadhaaanno

max wang

Man, that's smart and cool! Thanks. I'm considering stealing your idea and making my jig, and a router table.

domanick harper

What's with the Canada jokes XD


Haha it happens to us all at some point

nouno narabara



Looks like Magnus really loves the si-silly-an openings

Jason Koch

You have no idea how nice it is to see Magnus blunder a major piece. Makes me feel slightly better about every single time I do that. I can only wonder if he face palmed as hard as I do immediately after the blunder!

Keenan McCarty

Can I buy a copy of this game lol it looks fun!

Trevor Crane

Good stuff!

Annette Kilian adams

You are a good man

Mo Aladin

1:53:48 did I miss something or could he have just won a piece by playing Rxc1? Nxc1 and then Rd1 forks the knight, is that correct or am I missing the reason he played Rd2 instead?


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