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How to Avoid Punches and Punch Back!

Rogue One o’clock class?This is so great.Attacking the bishop, guarding the pass pawn, preventing Bc5 allowing black to play c5.At 9:27 bishop to h6 and if black takes its check mate in 2."Can't wait to see you in ACTION".

I've had a table saw for about 7 years but I've never assembled it due to lack of space.To me, it seems to be functional storage box.Hello, you haven't made any videos of late, however, I have used this lesson to win a game several times since I learnt it from here, additionally I have won another game using a lesson you gave on endgame with queen and king against king.This is perhaps the best poetry I have ever read.Sorry, you lost me when you turned into a commercial.I guess you can say, my Mom's jewelry is out of this world.Why dont you soak the chains in uv resin like you did with the propeller wash and not use any pillars, it should be strong enough to stand right?Great job and a nice project Colin.Good riddance though.

Big fan of his streams.

Big fan of his streams.

It's a pleasure to watch you.I was crying very long.Kita sebagai hitamnya bro.Citzen nor works there.Keith being a straight gay for 14 and a half minutes.

Pepe is no

Pepe is no

Did you ever accomplish that build?The Monster and Magnus.Thank you 11both of you.It leaves no weaknesses, and it suffocates its opponent over time, giving them less and less moves until they inevitably end up in zugzwan (and that's if they don't mess up tactically).Fun to watch, glad I'm not the only one who over engineers things.When 'Put a sock in it' was a literal option.This video was really helpful, in terms of what pawn structure to go for, weaknesses to avoid or create, and where I want to place my pieces ideally.And filled with love!

"If you are sensitive to coarse language you should go outside, play hideand go fuck yourself !Warning for nation with lots of churches, foriegn castles in your land forbidden fruits creates a black market and those going to them can be compromised!Nobody ever thought you were younger, Bert.Nor will my husband.But Nc6 is an inaccuracy.The game at 1h 48min is probably the worst by far, but u still manage to win - unbelievable.Suggestion just for the sake of fun, why don’t you analyse a Chess-boxing world championship match?I've played chess when I was in my early teens a bit and you've kind of gotten me interested in it again.The wording of the question: "magical trees" is an annoying distraction.

The only move left for black is Rb8

The only move left for black is Rb8

This is entirely sad.Thank you for sharing.I couldn't watch this until the end.Jerkasmo Thanks for sharing your perspective.Just wondering what’s your favourite brand of fondant to use?

Ben Flippin

Respect further gained from hooking up your family with a shoutout.


so if the matches can't die, how am i suppose to stop my dad from setting the house on fire when he's trying to bbq meat

Tyler Clarke

pure magic!!!!


Why use 5 server in a home lab if you can simulate al in vmware?32 gigsof RAM Will do

Tia Melancholy

So which one of your favorites is your favorite?

Sam Powell

Wow man. No idea I could possibly afford a cnc.Obviously we are both wings fans and woodworking fans.I'll be following you closely.Thanks for this!



Blok Vader

Hearing SmallAnt in this professional video is weird.



Ruth Ann Cutler

A tip to give a lot of hands.Head to the Goodwill and find a set of beaters for a mixer, you don't need the mixer if you have a cordless drill.And don't go poking around your wife's kitchen unless you want your next featured video showing on "Unsolved Mysteries"Use a beater with your drill to mix your epoxy.Clean up is a simple and giving the beater a few spins on a jar of your choice of cleaner and wiping off.You'll save a few trees for future wood turners and help the people at Goodwill, even if it's a few cents.And yes, I would make the chess board, if I still could.But I am going to enjoy watching your videos, cause there is just a certain amount of class and historical feelings associated with classical music and working wood with your hands.Thank you Ms. Ruby.

foop foop

It warms my heart to see that this teacher is having fun teaching his old student.

Michael Taylor

The Horten 229 could have easily been on this list.


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