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Finally you got it right with Scheveningen.What's the name of the paper you use to transfer the number.MONOLOGUE - Cheapest way to story telling Documentary.There’s something I find really funny about the background music used in this type of video.Awesome work, not just the stem.99$ for the ebook19.1:05 "hey eDDYway".

In most leagues, weights are prohibited.Amazing and simply beautiful!Excellent play also excellent explanation.Literally the best soundtrack to write to.Besides Grishuk I think Ivanchuk is the other player thats not intimidated by Carlsen in blitz.At 21:10, why can't he go knight f5?At 10:28 what if Black King goes to F8 ?

I love the gambling TGGT because it proves Ned can be trusted with money and he has very great luck I will always be committed to this channel lmaoooo.Thanks for sharing.Ihatethiswasteofflesh andoxygen.At 1:19 you say that black is a pawn up, but he's actually a piece and a pawn down.Nice to see your work and having the courage to present it publically.How do I pay for my living and university fees so I can add value to my skills?WOW to mate with 2 bishops a pawn and a Rook with opps Queen and 2 rooks on board.That's a crazy jump in subs.I would call this joint "not smokeable".I have spent a total of 3 hours on this level.

Awesome Workmanship, and the Video is Equally impressive !You're gonna be my new go to for relaxing.What happens when time finishes?And they acquired Magento 2 recently.But the plural form of the word woman.So the answer to the prisoner hat riddle isn't definitely man 2, it's only man 2 if man 2 and 3 have different hats, otherwise it's man 1.I followed the tutorial pretty closely and got it working fine on my computer.You best big master!

How about you add a stud welder gun

How about you add a stud welder gun

Cnu may ganyan magulang ngaun.Then Gary came in and asked a drink or something he ordered.Rest in peace Jhann Jhansson, thank you for your wonderful contributions to the world.I got a stanley 7 jointer off of ebay once, It was really worth it.For a name like torbjorn you need a giant beard!Thank you Krystal for dismantling Feldman, and the Bernie and the Black Vote argument, with how Hillary couldn't do it in the General!

In the beginning you said I’m using walnut, mahogany and maple.(But just the evaluation not anything else.I have a better ideausing a metal marking compass score what would be the joints on the wood andusing wood stainto give the impression of those joints.Nd2 are very interesting.I could listen to these two all day.Thank you St Louis Chess Club.

You built a large

You built a large

Thank you for this great video.Ochen xotelos uvidet takoe podrobnoe video posveshenniy V obraznoy vstavke u menya ono nikak ne xochet poluchitsa(.Great video by the way!Which board is shown throughout the video?Bishops's Tours are what all the cool kids are doing.You don't 'alf talk a lot.If so how much would you charge?Wow, that's amazing.

I willdefinitelymakeit formy children.

I willdefinitelymakeit formy children.

Lol they let wanwan like this and nerf gusion, okay moonton.Tryng to go back to nostalgic daysss.These are often people who are artists themselves who want to support young artists on their journey.He got a pong out of it.I have no idea what were you even thinking, how are you not on a watchlist at this point is a serious mystery.I'm actually shocked that the dude is gay.Wrong choice of music.I've just started experimenting with using tinted two part ultra clear acrylic resin compounds for inlays.


great video. I guess now you are a millionaire now and can tell your parents that they did a goodjob trusting you choosing your own career.

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Hi im a mechanical engineering student and i have no gf


Great work, great skills, but hand held video should never be fast-forwarded.

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14:00 why doesn't he capture the bishop and also the pawn afterwards? Trade rook for bishop and past pawn is worth it easy

Damien Watson

I am just starting to look into starting to learn woodwork as I am moving house to a large property where I will need to do more around the house etc. Anyway I have always liked the idea of woodwork but never had the chance to try. I will be starting with basic projects to begin with so this is WAY out of my league but what a great finish. Awesome to find an Australian channel. Keep it up.

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This is exactly the game that I played with my friends except it's played with numbers. I found out the trick and ruined the game.

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You also need to show how to capture the king : he must be surrounded on all four corners. Exception is "king" squares do not need to be occupied by black pieces to capture the king.Also, a piece is captured/killed by flanking it on both sides when you move BUT if the enemy moves between 2 pieces and becomes flanked on both sides, you are not allowed to capture the piece. The capture can only be done by flanking if you move your piece to do a flank. If the enemy player moves his piece between 2 of your own pieces, you are not allowed capture.

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Hmarato cake is trah nahi bna aap bta rhi ho


The 7 dislikes were peeps who now have to make up a defence to this.

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jennifer shahade

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New friend with notification bell hope you also join and stay connected

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Smh thug life

cj wins

Love their relationship! They’re so humble and ambitious! I love those chips

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At this age, I used to count the squares on the chess board.

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