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How to do En passant in Chess| Hindi

Don’t speed run a game take your time and enjoy it (I also don’t know what TAS means can someone explain please?Out after the 3rd webcam drop.Can you make 10 player chess.Move 9 surely white just takes the bishop?OK I may be exaggerating but Ben is a (Grand) master at making a point with such pointed humor one can't help but remember the lesson.

Remember, all rules are

Remember, all rules are

Bolt defined as the head cannot be turned on the surface and would cause scratches.Pragnanda had a chance of draw by repetition, if he would have played the rook to capture the pawn on g7,before white bishop captures on f5.Was the stitching you used imitation sinew?Really great --- much thanks.If you like money stay the fuck away from religion.The second reason is that it is safer, as the board is less likely to catch and kick back at you.

The man must have to take a potty break!I make jewelry out of resin.He was treated very bad as a child, i wonder if he had been treated with more love and care would he have turned out a better person!This is the power thatdoing stuff for passion and not for money has.These analysis are way more instructive and educational than the Kasparov Masterclass.Always makes for good conversation.Never saw a Video 2000 here in Australia that I know of.All on Citizens.And Jerry's coverage is excelent too.Braaa i live in South Africa.

And then there is this video with Bobby Fischer's view on women haha.SuggestionReally glad you're covering this saga, and I'd love to see your analysis of Reti vs Capablanca (1924) which ended Capa's 8 year undefeated streak.You start seeing ghosts and threats which are not there hahahahahahaha, that got me cracked up.I feel bad I wasn't there too help.This move ruins the pawn structure e4-d3-c2, which is why I play the KIA with 1.Thanks for showing us.We are special ed students of programming.Not from cuts but kickback as I am on blood thinners.

I have not tried this but it might be worth an experiment.I think its important to note that the fifth puzzle has several FORCED mates but only one mate in one.Why in the last example instead of capturing the knight with the queen and then exchanging queens why didn't bishop just capture the queen?The diagonal of queen is flexible 9:38.Why are there only twelve videos in this series?Great tools and machine.Love this series, Simon thanks!Here is the game if you want to analize it1.Wish I could hire someone smart like you.

You made a wonderful bench!

You made a wonderful bench!

As a nerd, seeing two awesome nerds working together to create something is really fun to watch.Bye bye magnus lol.Thought i heard you say Hikaru has only lost once in the SCC.So much stuff inside a microscopic cell.You go through every posiblity they have, and explain their weaknesses.Grabe ganun pala Kalakas yung POSITIONAL SACRIFICEMadalas ko rin yang nagagawa sa Laro naming magpinsan hehe.How do you calculate a price to the client?

WOW Someone who knows how to use a miter saw!That is very very very very rare.What software do you use to design your cutting boards?Lers if they weren't convicted of murder?Now I can finally sleeptonight.Thanks for the way back memories.Hi, really nice job!"Mr hoodie guy captures",.Every once in a while, I will use the Track-Saw to break down sheets before I bring them into the shop, but Home Depot will do that for free.I’ve never tried a strategy like the white team attacking from H file.


Wow, can't believe you didn't notice that there wasn't a queenside knight. Even i didn't notice until i read the description LOL

Ratnanjali Mishra

Looks yummy Beautiful design cakeKeep in touch

Pawe Michalak

most amazing? half of it were really bad, ideas didnt work and proportions were just ugly. i just hope you will find better ones for future vids.

Ledgie Jennings

CJ, Can I speak for both of our viewers. Oh you have more than 1?

Lohit Dev

Great Effort ! Thank You So Much !!Best Tutor!!

Conor Conorus

Haha nice

4:50 had me DYING



Scott Haun

Kinda looks like cork from a distance


19:40 song!?

Big Chungus

0:06-0:29 why is he wearing a soviet badge? Ussr anthem starts playing

agarRoyale 2002

I've played once a game me having the King and my opponent the wrong-coloured bishopHe was a lot higher-rated than me, but I knew It was a draw. I had to show him and 5 more people that It was a draw.Try to force the endgame with wrong-coloured bishop from this position:[FEN] 8/4P3/8/1b2k3/p2p1p2/P5B1/2PK4/8Capital letters= WhiteLowercase= blackNumbers= non-occupied squares from left to right"/"= Next rank (starting from rank 8)

Italian Pills

Guys, don’t worry. Ai will never replace us as long as we evolve.

Emperor Charlemagne

You get those pieces in Cozumel?


very nice!  are these for sale?

Mamoun Telfah

You are the best and still the best forever I admire you I'm from jordan


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