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I was never a fan of Magnus until I got his type of dry humor.I laughed so hard.Bringing that L out was absolutely necessary.You’re not the only one that cannot find any green hammer finish paint in your country.

Love you, my Chess Guru.You were amazing dude!Eli: Hold my Bible.We're surely now at the stage where each piece could be a little motor-driven robot, and they could all move simultaneously to reset the board.

1k subs back then.

1k subs back then.

His mother, Matilda of Flanders, was a few-grand daughter of Charles II, king of France, who was Charlemagne's grandson.Everything is allways so Nice with Agadmator.Thank you MTM Wood for your inspiration to woodworkers worldwide.Amazing restoring !Across the videos you leave out small things that people do not notice at first that break the code without and the only way to fix them is too have knowledge of it already (which most don't hence why they are here on tutorial videos), ask you and hope that you will eventually answer or give you money on Patreon so they can see the base project themselves.Queen to f8 and there's the checkmate.Linus tech lips be looking fresh today!It’s not as quick really but it’s easy to use, comes out beautiful and is durable.Nu b ito bitin ang ganda pa naman.Thank you for the excellent videos!

Tech people are looking for recommendations, not just a look-at-me-I'm-cool monologue.Rxf7 even though there is a pawn on e7.Am i missing something?Unfortunately you count stop both mates.Respect good job many greetings from Germany.I (Agadmator) will now blindfold myself.

Mrdragonlord: if Kxf8 then black cannot deal

Mrdragonlord: if Kxf8 then black cannot deal

Fantastic attack.Wonderful video!Wouldn't the opposite of everything be nothing aka zero?What liquid from?Brother points ela count chestharuPoints manaki ela plus avuthaayo explain chey oka video uploaded chey.Cake sponsi hone ke liye kya karna chahiye.Draw or who is the winner?Great game by R.

anthony rji laoyan

Eskwela o asawa inayan ito anak ku sat dinusnug ku

Phil Reynolds

Umm WOW!! That's all I can say.You keeping it or selling it?


hey i want to make 3d game in 2d view can you makevideo on it

Shadman B


The Scrubthulhu

That Iranian official who was sick with the coronavirus while trying to deny it died yesterday. Sad but ironic.


agad : Paulsen saw all of this blindfoldme : wut ?

Austin Berndlmaier

On fire with these non-stop uploads, Agadmator! Thank you for your quality content.


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