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How to draw a girl sitting and reading a book step by step

My firrst chess opponent was my grandpa he teached me chess.No one:The people who carried the dead in the old times: YEET.Hello,Nice video, I learned allot and looks like a great bench!At 36:37, Ben's move Nh8 is indeed the computer move!We should let alphazero play it.

We know what symmetry means.Men and women's brains think differently, it's not some form of sexism or discrimination, it's the same exact reason physical sports separate them.But, carlsen played with over empathy.We can't see the code for your."Short---"Look at that Bishop on h1!But thanx to your advice I managed to make it quite servicable.The thing is, as 1800-1900s, we might laugh and cringe at the moves these lower rated players make, but Im sure if even an FM or IM watched our games, they would cringe at some of the moves we make.Is anybody here a chemist.Mmmgpfgecnnkmkevxpnucg px.

MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER MORE EVIL!I think he'll look good.Anh cng ph qun nh cc bc GM.At 12:20 I was shouting at the screen for you to sac the queen for the bishop aaarrrrghhhh!It's really nice!HOW TO PLAY CHINESE CHESS AND JAPANESE DO YOU HAVE A VIDEO PORFAAAA.Pls make me one!I guess when your worth 45 million you don’t have to respond!Historic moment of Magnus, and of course, great job of Agadmator!

Love your channel.Is he Yaser Serewan who talks ?Definently wasn’t wind.Wouldnt singing ring around the rosie's be more appropriate.This is a masterpiece.13:07 -- The queen trade is not forced after Kf1 instead, Black could shove c4, and leave it to White to trade queens.

What's this white material?FYI Zugzwang is pronounced "tsoogsvahng".Fucking brilliant video mate.Play it in tandem with the Atari video music.Whos watching in 2027hello future man.

Then you can check them with the "Satz des Vieta" like you showed in the video.God bless you nice job.Because the reviews say it's frequent to crashing.Didn't you forget adobe shockwave ?30:05 i think g3 wins the rook.


Bruh in Romania we learn it in 7/8th grade (depending on the teacher)


I want to see Magnus playing chess while being drunk

Annette Arties

Awesome, I need another closet.

Moody broccoli Guy

For people who never got to play catch with their dad

Eliene Chean

What should I use if don't have a table saw?

Danial Lo

4:57 RIP Headphone users


animations are way too long

Heiress Roxy Gray III

The industry does not want to show brown people in positive roles because they know it would be a wake-up call for brown people.May Master P and his son Romeo continue to build wealth and be an inspiration to brown people.

Bechou Abderrazak

In fact this video teaches us the art of lying

Luigi gonzalez


Prachuap Thailand

I really appreciate those videos, watching Magnus playing banter blitz with "normal" chess24 members. Entertaining and educational at the same time. Thank you Magnus, thank you chess24.

RudeBoy Rok

My favorite bench by far, Im building one for sure. Awesome design.


Will that coping sled fit into any slot on any router table or do you need a special router table with that special miter slot for it?The list you gave for router table is well over $1000 for the router table lol


Damn! I never knew Pascal's Triangle was so badass!


Wow miss Paikidze is so beautiful!!!

manpreet manney

Full too paisa vasul game... Mast re bole to ek dum dhaansu game

Mark Hess

I'm getting dizzy watching you. This is so fucking cool


what about the imaginary numbers in my bank account?


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