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How to make easy chess bars

I found the tactical move in 4 sec by Anand which he played knight f5 to e3.Hikaru is my dad.Funny you mention Barry Crane.Conquerers of the Human History1.

Loverly speaker, shame about

Loverly speaker, shame about

What I love the most is how you don’t assume that your audience thought of all variations, sometimes I think why didn’t the do this?I'd say in a production environment, ruining a pre-existing curve is more efficient than ruining an already cut mortice.The swirls in the middles of the blocks bug the hell outta me!A picture of Robert Baratheon in a LOTR video.And i think positional game is more simple to play rather than tactical and dynamic chess.Can I play this on mac?Thank you very much for sharing.

This would be better if I knew how to play chess.I also lose to people who play the drawish lines quicker than I do because I keep looking for possible advantage and I keep trying to cause "imbalance".This table is so beautiful, you did an amazing job.Moves that there is no way for the opponent to understand or even think - moves like the ones computers make that weak chess players like ourselves find "stupid" or "dumb".What is that tool you used to match the curve of the brass rod?Did he say cohorance?This is awesome!Metalman GAMING.This host is better than Bill Kurtis, he should have his own true crime series on the ID Channel, or on 2020.Toda una obra musical.

Great video, very simple to

Great video, very simple to

It seems that there is not a clear refutation to the Scholar's Mate.What can I say !The balls just don't stop coming out of your pocket!"Why're you doing this?What type of hopper did you use?

The very first thing is,

The very first thing is,

), but comparatively few because of Barb's meticulous design and testingquality control.Hi I am divya your vedio are so good.AF’s inexperience of playing the VERY top players is showing, but he will only improve.Mountain Trolls?By a second, a fraction of a second or two.Or at least the opening riff.

Hey I have a flip phone.I’m in love with my QUITAR.I decided on bent lamination over steam bending for my method.(I am using CAMSTUDIO).In the same fashion I lose vs stalkfish 10.Sir Anand vs Bobby fisher.In this case the superclass method declaration will not change, and you add the "new" keyword in the subclass method.Love your cakes:).That is beautiful.

Really great lecturer in almost every way!Even though it's not, and constantly beating strong players.You explained so well.Did someone say DeWalt?It's not your video, robber.Reply to this comment and I'll turn yours on immediately -.What does he do with his nose all the time?Sort of a big deal.WONDERFUL build.


It was a game of a pro against an amateur. Yikes :o

Emre Ulusoy

Haha! Did it! Just count all matches then divide it by 3(Spoiler: You get 4 matches for each square), then it is easy

Thuong Hoang

qua hay ra na di


I pronounce XOR ZOR not X-OR

Michael Rutledge 67

Blew it with the matress push.

ahmed 09

Vincenzo Pellegrini

I don't remember if you ever made a Crash Course on Algo, have you ? I had an interview last week where I had to solve problems and write a solution on a piece of paper! I failed amazingly

Jana Lee

how do you blur things

Adrien Barbier

5:30 why not protecting b6 with the bishop instead of moving the king or capturing with the rook according to stockfish?

Chess Foundation

Agar kisi ko chess ki trick chahiye to mere channel dekh lo

Concrete Beatz

Why Fischer didint grab the b2 pawn between 3:07 and 3:30


On the move right before CM, why not Ke2? Also, when it is "Checkmate, why can't he do Ke2?

๖Gia ๖Ming

3:50 nu en i vua E7 th sao thy2:14 nu en chay Hu ln H3 thay v ly tng n m th sao v thy?

Jermaine Wright

I wish Florida was voting. I would vote for Bernie in an instant. I would not show up to work just go vote for Bernie.

Chief Knockahoe

Houston niggas are proud to be heroine junkies drinking NyQuil guess that’s all you have to do living in that boring ass city


1:15 Qe6!

lefou131313 West

Why not Bg7 Qa4 Rf6 and win the knight? 7:33


for anyone watching this far into the future, can you drop an F in the chat for me? (it’s a 21st century thing)also if it’s still around go to its really funny

h th vng

4 nc thi

Garry Bobby Phogeson

Why did penguin resign at 1:32:46?

Fansuri Ukhrawi



Thanks for the wonderful compliments you've sent my way! =)

Monkey See Monkey Do

I was gonna say "why not just use a bigger computer", but then Brady said it before I could type in in the comments, but I still typed it in the comments, how do you like them apples?

Orijinal Geisha AsMaine

I’m working on my 1st debut album, and it’s pure RB! I hope it reaches the ears, and hearts of all the lovers! I’m super independent, but I know the possibilities are limitless, so i’m ready and present in the moment! SN : I love you all together, and I feeling the cast of State Of the Culture is better!

Taha Shalan

A real picture of a King fighting he's own war and being in the first line, he was literally defending his own queen and the rest of the army, lol.


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