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Any suggestions?What is the price?I have to see Eric raging!Although no great player was virtually shouting at 9.His exaltation is mercy and righteousness.What do you charge for something like that?Ridgeway got best looking serial killer award in 2019 Disembowel Digest 33.

The hole last interview is oddly funny.My playing has changed so much, sounds almost like a pro!That looks awesome.We love the poison of the test!I need to upgrade.Danny:CROSSFIRE, YOU'LL GET CAUGHT UP IN THE CROSSFIRRRREEEE.What about rip cuts?

When you are so poor until Youtube

When you are so poor until Youtube

He only won 3 out of 4.It just pops a very tiny window with unreadable text on it.Excellent work, thank you!A great bonding exercise.Renumeratedfrog Sure!Chanel 7 Yung kausap ni vic.

Weird seeing Adam interview

Weird seeing Adam interview

I have learnt from you so much things about cakes nd cookies.Hi mam, coco powder ki jaga pe chocolate sirup use kar sakte he kya?Serves no purpose in A2.Maybe the design could be improved by clamping the blade back so it doesn’t rock?Can someone explain the ending then.It's not harliquin.At 9:40, how about e5?Is this a re-post?PUT THE WHITE QUEEN ON F8 SQUARE BECAUSE IT IS CHECK MATE.

Strong and beautiful!

Strong and beautiful!

Imagine being mr.Jjdd been killing lil niggas his whole career.AgadmatorI love your work and am a huge fanYou are an excellent teacher of chess.It's like saying practicing basketball only makes you good at basketball, of course not!If dough is still crumbly, add more ice water a tablespoon at a time (up to 4 more tablespoons).Amazing craftsmanship!Music it’s annoying.Hahahahhshs oh shit.Thank you for all of your advice and your consistent reminders to buy a GRR-RIPPER.

Kalo gerakan 4, rokade

Kalo gerakan 4, rokade

"Try DollarBrite.What happends if u inhale it ?But this is interesting stuff.If I look up some of the characters from the Icelandic sagas (which are fictionalized but based on real people, afik), they are around 28-29 generations away."Have fun with it !95 and when I played Rxa2 it actually realized and white advantage dropped to just 1.HELLO,Whatthe diference will be if i used chook egg whites.

The original was great already, I loved the geometric chess pieces on that one, but the changes to this one are definitely an improvement!Carlsen could find that winning sequence.This is so freaking cool, brings chess from boring crap to epic story.Me: Sits behind iPad sipping soda in a cup.In England they used to require you to buy a license to operate a radio or TV receiver.It took until the 20th century for infinitesimals to return in a practical function in the form of digital computers.Can you do a video on your white repertoire.Instead, Nimitz laid a trap for the Japanese which worked magnificently.Play online chess for FREE.


most accurate thing in the world

John Tucket

best chess channel on youtube


22:39 bxf6..???

Ralph Ocava

He missed the forks... like three times... he could have win the rook in the first fork...


I'm currently in cnc class watching this on break. Wow beautiful work. Wish we had a 5th axis to learn on.

Hugh Jantic-Pantz

I hate people that do the right thing with the right tools in a clean shop............


so the wy to beat magnus is give him a! at the start of the game

Omegakingd 2000

a bit to cartoony for my tatse.

mike gellner

If you were to coat the sides of the sink hole would you have been able to install an under mount sink ? I'm thinking of doing the same thing but hate top mounted sinks !!!


Split decision song remind me of da nigga in Netflix show YOU


he punched you after the first battle, but I do not believe your story at all

Alexander Shetzen

make more!

bijjargi mangesh

Very nice and knowledge growing video.

Mike Valeriano

Yup. Absolutely based on preference.I stuck with React because I can create my own ecosystem, instead of using CLIs.Vue is interesting but I don't really enjoy inserting black magic into HTML tags.Angular is also interesting, but I really don't want to sacrifice 126 goats every time I need to start a new project.

Deepanshu Tyagi

3:24 I heard EA sports


Wow absolutely amazing

Tyrese Cupido

What is up with all the vans man

Lindsay Davison

Why am I even watching this? I’m allergic to milk products

Choro deivid



Oh noes Lincoln is the pizza monster

Ayu Melinda

Bang naro coba lnjutkn smpai slesai nanggung,kita ini pmula jad

Manon Lozinguez

Does someone know where i can find the piece of sheet music of this music?

rocky john sabiaga

agadmator is the type of youtuber to have no views yet still have 800 likes in the video

Doug F


Infamous Squirrel

Achievement earned: how did we get here?


A Masonic ring is not part of the Illuminati so moeyou need to look at Freemasonry and it's a Brothers for eternity for men that believe in Jesus Christ

Shivam Modi




I'm just shocked how determined stick figures and people can be. They had almost nothing to win the Red, but they won! They didn't give up and they tried their best. I really appreciate you for making people believe in themselves! Thank you, Alan!

Enzo Gallego

Is it just me or he looks like mr bean


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