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How to Play: Checkers

And hits allways the dirt under the beds!I guess probably Re5 would be the counterattack.Destroyed on the board and in trash talk.Dude you are ridiculously skilled and talented.If it was duller players that needed to be spiced up it’s fine but Carlson is entertaining enough when he’s spanking someone.Chessnetwork 1:32:15 You didnt missed anything, but penguin did, it was mate in 7 at most, mate in 4 if Nxf6 after pawn takes on passant on f6.

But that blue one.I built a five tube superheat 60 years ago." Man, a lot of trash talking goes on in St Louis.Wow I was actually right, I was just bullshing a strategy off the top my head.This all arose via chance?You are the man.Because without it, depression will just keep coming back with twice, thrice, or even more pain than before.

P been calling for his ppl

P been calling for his ppl

Did he later find out who it was?Lichess is great.It is all ogre now.You would not know why this comment got so many likes.Excellent beautiful work, well done Sir.The bonus is a stronger edge.Blew my mind but I just kinda had a feeling you know.How can u say that the opponent would do as u did?I love morphys oompa loompa hair.

Htmlhead title A.

Htmlhead title A.

How to grow a mentally healthy child?But in other hand black king is not coming at d7 then white will have to accept draw.This is really some brilliant outside-of-the-box work you do.Goblokkk wakakak.Being from Brazil, we have very little contact with original band gigs, so we have a very vibrant covertribute band circuit, and THAT is when you really feel if a song is a rock anthem or not.Since, light squared bishop was blocked by his knights and c2 pawn, and the other was free.How many different podcast's do they friggen need?I discovered this method when I used to work as a draftsman at an electricity company and they needed a "Handy Harry" to put the advertising stickers on the service cars.Great video teaching this endgame checkmate idea.I looked in the Bitbucket project and I noticed a C script that is not mentioned in the video: PipeSpawn.

Yours looks like

Yours looks like

The king would be in check and the black Queen would have been captured.I should erase my memory.Everytime the webcam falls I expect to see his secret German porn archive from 70s.Not knowing C at all I got completely lost in the "and of course we have to" parts because it sounded like gibberish.This seems to be a very long winded explanation of simply saying you cannot get any more dense a packing ratio than a single sphere of diameter 1 inside a box with dimensions of 1x1x1.I had use of a great inout disc mic that I measured ID length with when it was 0.And i cant even skip.DaveJust finished watching your bobsled finalemy wife and I watch it on the tv I enjoyed this series and you are truly a craftsman.Turned out verynice, I can dig it.

)10:50 -- Why Anand doesn't go Na5 here is puzzling.Where was his morphy head?Freehanding the bow inlay with the router was impressive.By this time or at this situation we could have at least get maniac!Hope this tip is helpful.Those 2 min games are a bit too fast for my brain to process, but heh, still better than bullet 1min games :pAND i really want to say : i like when the comment is in "real time" (even if it's a "replay" of the game), that you only get so much depth that the time allows.Wait to buy later, reason being that right now u would pay a premium already, but if u wait until China realizes its economy has been squeezed by this, they will bring prices down to ramp up their economy again.6:48 I saw a big rubber duck behind Give a like I f you see it.

What an ungly looking kid he is.The closest thing we have on earth that can truly be God Like is the Sun.Dude i can use an old school phone cuz i own one from nokia and its not a touchscreen.I wouldn't be able to use this as a cutting board, it's way to beautiful to ruin it with knives lol Great work, man!Queen takes bishop.Well I my car was disqualified.Might not make a difference anyway though.What the hell is he doing narrating chess tournaments?The most supportive comment section I've seen on youtube.THE GUY HAD, (HAS), A VERY STRONG GERMAN ACSENT AND HAD DROVE UP IN A CONVERTABLE JAGQUIR.

Kathryn Carter

Wow I am totally flabbergasted at the engineering that went on behind this. Seems beyond impossible.

Ricardo Cordero Morales

esinfinito el numero

welcome to China

Cydia Section

Great video, GJ ( as always! ) !! You played really well! This game is similar to a game played by Morphy.

Orbital Potato

Looks like the periodic table of Adobe software lol

paul taylor

no troll food for you


"It's not clear how he got good."That's actually an extremely interesting question.

Peryll Bonn Mendoza

Magnus looks like a Bond villian in this thumbnail..


This is the most cringe worthy thing that Triple C, Henry Cejudo, has ever seen.

Aditya Shrivastava

Daniel is the best chess commentator and analyst I have witnessed

Codesensei 2001

Chessbrah is Life.

Bryan Timothy

I think magnus is not serious and is playing 4 fun, thats why he got the sec place. I mean, every time he win he donated the money back..

Suraj gupta

A suggestion for you: Please mention the current rating of the player when the matche have been played

William M

This rules.

An Nguyen

So Carlsen won?

Brian Damage

Tricycle landing gear was nothing new on the Do 335, having been used on many American types and even a few previous German types like the He 219.


its crazy that these are actually some subs that follow content.... hilarious!


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