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How to Play Chess (rap)

Great commentary buddy keep it up.The final time was 16 35 for pc and Hikaru 5 35 then with increment explaining what happen here the pc time is 0 sec even if the software elo is 3000 is a program and the iteraction will be insuficient to find correct move waht will happened if some play with more time for pc matbe atleast 5 or 10 sec ?Why is playing f3 bad?Look into Ccep training.It's like Mad Cow Disease all over again!Carlsen is the greatest of all time.I have watched all the other races in their entirety.

She look like lydia of Breaking bad :).Love your arena videos.Naka is such a salty nerd.Since when did NASA invent Velcro?

Thanks for an excellent

Thanks for an excellent

Alternate title: Periodic table of Adobe explained.It really lets people determine their own level of involvement.The paper test, and others are pure bs for testing chisel sharpness.Look at that boy DJing at 10:58.Why do these types always end up handsome?Steve -0 The completely unnecessary and overly loud Thump Thump Thump accompaniementwas offensive and made the video unwatchable!Lincoln is draco malfoy.I hope they'll post a video of key games from the London chess classic with their analysis.Nigga go get it!You should give lessons.

Knowledge gained.

Knowledge gained.

What a load of shit.I have to go back to kindergarten at my age?I don’t think I fall a little flat.Only yesterday I thought mans balding today he turns up like this?Don't learn the trickslearn the trade!Because it wouldn't make any difference to the result.

Detroit become human(ps4) android glasses.Thanks for making it simpler Presh.He had rooks on both the a and b files isn't that checkmate?Hi Which camera you used?He ate her up lmaooooo.Fountain of knowledge that guy :D.What is inside of a gun.I think Norm Abramconvinced my wife 25 years ago I needed a biscuit joiner.

I don't know if "crash course"

I don't know if "crash course"

Thank you so much i just started getting back into chess and i never knew how to play my pieces correctly when white would bring his bishop down on king's side.The yelling kids make this video unwatchable.Hi good video nice boxboy you can sand fast, this is a good bandsaw tune video,.Firouzja is certainly never boring.Flag Code technically does not forbid this kind of cutting board because it's not embroidered, printed, a box, or meant to be disposable, but I'm pretty sure it forbids using it as a cutting board, which might easily damage or stain it.It is you that inspired me to start thinking of chess as a beautiful interesting game of full posibilities not as a game of some super persons wich I can not uderstand.Now I just need a space and 20k of equipment to get started!

"Alles loop reg, altyd reg, Blou Bulle".

"Alles loop reg, altyd reg, Blou Bulle".

And he is also busy with commenting while playing blitz!Smash this like button if you love moe Sargi.My god I love what he says about building 8 businesses that fail and two that succeeded.Awesome video what does the copper do?But then he saw the magic starting with Qf7!Or simply use chessboard 8x8 keypad similar to the 4x4 ones you get everywhere.


This video is very pintresting

THTR backup

Hi toggy :)

kami personal

alexandra is as bright as she is pretty. hope she continues to develop her talent!

William Oakes

laurence tureaud and "sly" stallone.SERIOUSLY, anton?there is a UNIVERSE of puzzles worth solving this is definitely not one of time "who composed the opera,"faust" wolfgang von goethe, christopher marlowe, or dean koontz?"actually, none of them did (especially koontz).

Ncc Ramu

Q2KV Anna Daggu vaste kobari nune gontu kada rastaru... Apudu Ela tagutundi

Roscoe Houghton

I want to go on the Queen Mary with you one night to do a haunted tour

Mukhtar ben Saddique

i can't believe that i wasn't knew much about the brilliant chess player.. Mikhail Tal. What a magnificent attack. He is really a chess magician?!...

frank 33

Best computer repair video i have seen

kanaan albraiki

Love ur videos man ..

Amanda Kay Sharp 29

I know I am a littlelatebutbringTom back

Alan Foos

Just can't see how the blocks are made because of the optical illusions.

Tor Tor Fishing

Good bos ku ,salam dari indonesia

Citlaly lopez

Aunque este video ya est viejo, muchas gracias me ayudo mucho


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