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How to play Ruy Lopez opening - learn from Grischuk Mamedyarov, video by FM Jirka Dufek

5 liters and should pour at a high table on several times.Tartaglia triangle is very cool.But now I have wanwanSo easy to run from his ult.I never said they weren't.He just is sarcastic a lot, but he isn't such a good chessplayer for nothing!Totally blew it.

Thank you for the video.I love THE PEOLPE!Smh, why does the system keep letting this happen?Were it not for the preemptive strike, those would be your chess pieces today if that levelOf thinking were even allowed.

I dont know Petrosians games too well but

I dont know Petrosians games too well but

I would be scared of all my shit sliding off.28:00 Why not go fot the F5 you were aiming for earlier?Great follow-up video!And 2: Power tools are expensive.This is the same idea.Not the way I do it, but it works.Move number 16 Q-F6.

However, you did miss painting a number of areas under the rotary stand, and two coats of primer would have smoothed out the casting very nicely.What if there is a correlation of that factorization and prime numbers.Truly the most simple 'magic ' solution.Thanks atas lagu nya.Thanks great video.The older guy cheated.I seriously doubt spilling your coffee is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done.GeekZone Can you do a video on the giant worms from Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies?145 fake accounts created by daniel Naroditsky dislikes this video.

Rebecca haris the magnus slayer.

Rebecca haris the magnus slayer.

Because I always change it.Or you politely tell himher.Wow, that was very interesting.Next, if I do a check with the knight at G6 and then capture queen with queen and then advance.This was an awesome video!

11:02 Did you

11:02 Did you

Felicidades y bendiciones.What's a good move for black in this position ?At 13:35 why would you move the King?I watched the whole add.Watching this in February 2020.



Black Goku

Who win?

David Rosenfeld

So he remembers even all of these bullet games?


5:13 why are there scooter wheels

Tim S

That picture in the beginning though....


Sharks don’t really get cancer either

truth seeker

The video failed to say where tf did all our gold go..This planet was abundant in gold resources. The rise of man came because of gold..Space travellers/aliens came to earth in search of gold.. Gold was their main resource.. They created machines to mine earth resources that machine was us. We called these assholes god but so called god reaped all of earth gold then left us too die when they were finished. We were created to be slaves to be put to work and mine gold for our creator/so called god

The gacha Potatoes

"I know EXACTLY what I'm doing"" whispers fuk"

Nathan Bates

Seriously, I mean Nakamura didn't lose in a serious game. Hikaru just went into it knowing that he had already won the tournament anyway.

Robin Lundqvist

what was he upset at D:

Official KX

Dada thought the King was a Bishop

Eldonn Parks

Tal will sacrifice a piece to create a block or to move opponents pawn out of the way. This is his secret. Except for his bishop sacrifice to pawn. The rook could be moved without the sacrifice. But,It shifted his opponents focus to think he had stopped Tal's offense.Tal gains advantage through subterfuge.Tal plays two games. One is his game. The other is the game he wants his opponent to think is his game.

Terje Grnvold

very cool

Mili Aurora

7:34 that confused innocent look

Nikki van Zanen

Please realise that girls and mothers would also want to join, not just dads and sons.

John Adams

he won him


Not the most awesome but definetly the most over built


I love your videos, man!

Matthew Antonio

the coils are for the "lights" on the earth


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