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How to Play: Trouble

Themountain11 It's called 'En Passant'.HEALTHCARE FOR ALL WORKERS AND RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE.And yellow would be giving away a knight for it.If you haven't read it yet, his book is AMAZING!

Evans gambit,urusov gambit, jerome gambit.Amazing to see a game between the best in the world like this.I was almost expecting a Marrs-gag when you said: "Put the needle on the record".Vn 1 ng kia nh kiu g th anh.Chess rules don't apply to you if you are 2800.

It's effectively a Historiogram.Variations sb saved for another video.Process is a lot like Jory Brigham's.Keep on making quality furniture.Love the video moe!One last question: at what point did Svane go wrong, to let that Kingside attack rip everything open?Beautiful women playing chess, what could get even better.

At 4:24 ham knight b6 to c8 khel sakte hai jismein rook or queen dono pe attack hoga.Another 4 years of trolling!Why did he attack pawn on F2 istead of E2?Thanks, now I have to go take some Dramamine!Give the fjucking code you heckless heathen.Morphy bent him to his knees.That one guy: I stand to do the bestAlso that same guy: Opens with one of the worst first moves.Being a child murderer is the worst crime that anyone could ever do and its so unfortunate he never made it to the prison system so he could get some swift justice by the other inmates.It's not like the UFC or Football or something where men have a definite physical advantage over women.

Please stop touching your face.Why go to work when money is enough ?Me encanta esta msica.THE PERIODIC TABLE.Djokovich is "arguably" the most dominant player this decade?Its the cloverleaf boss.Carlsen is considered as the best player in recent history.

The Happy Hour Hound

I hear the silicone board is the best

Spencer Pearson

I sub thanks to this vid can’t wait to check the others out


Thank you for spending the time to do this video. I’ve learnt a lot and am now turning out some lovely pieces myself.As an electrician, please don’t ever be complacent with safety. 2000 volts off a microwave transformer doing around 500mA will kill you as soon as look at you.........

Chane Clarke

Good price in earth

The Immortal Super Being

When one of these Doctors are in....time to get out lol.

Adrian Nudelman

7:25 - Haciendo letras con el torno copiador

William1234567890123 Cook

You can fit a line of length 2 in a hypercube with side length 1

Andy Jary

Thanks for the nostalgia - I really enjoyed watching this. I had a Fidelity Chess Challenger 7 when I was younger.

sai sankeerth

What is this game ? I never heard about it ..

Tatum Jordan

It’s you guys if you look at the position

juhanni valkonen

Wonderful analysis of one artificial mind, cant wait to hear your analysis of a Human mind.Tal, Karpov ,Fisher,Carlssen is the favorite analysis !


i like this father son operation. great presence youtbe about the shop and everthing. more than just image videos. Go Titans

s r

He played too aggressively and didn't castle, didn't take he seriously and got whipped.

Running Bisquit

Nerd with a knife


You make condensator.


Woo you have almost 1m subs. Amazing for game creation community.

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