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How To Strike In The Center: Chess Master Analysis

Event "Live Chess"Site "Chess.Otherwise, your soft palate needs a little lifting that will make you say "format" instead of "forbat" and "approximately" instead of "approxibately".Wait a minute Tiffany is Omar’s best friend in this vid in the new vid she is his gf.Could you please send a link or a name of that drill you use in 13:55?Who are the chicks that at 11:43?These numbers sound big but if you are not a novice there are only a few viable moves each turn in the later game.

I just found your Chanel and so

I just found your Chanel and so

38:46 maybe it was mentioned but Kxc5 tricky fork?Greetings from Vienna, Austria.Thanks Grizfolk.What about the floor?He took an bad attitude on his mom.I’ve use this recipe and other tangzhong recipes and this one is the best!You are talented.

I don't think he knows what blundering

I don't think he knows what blundering

Blundered my queen stupidly, as always, but didn't resign.Can anyone help me i am new to the whole thing TT.That guys a beast.32:30 why not play Nxb3?MOHANLAL done his best.No worries Golan, we'll fit your chair with a seat belt.You see the picture on the card at 6:46 the tracks on the head are split wide.Thank you so much agad i appreciated i just saw this guy won a very tough tournament and suddenly u uploaded the vedio i wanted u to cover Thanks Agad u never let us down.

Forgot Minecraft.

Forgot Minecraft.

Should of sand blasted it.You had me Jonesing.Im not sure why they shook hhands and ended the game.Infinite-infinite0.Ang saklap bakit kc my paninira pa dapat tanggapin nlang kung ano ang itinadhana.What is it doing, what is that Telco-thingie with the 24-connector?Please tell your chess.We are fortunate to hear your classes sir.Suggestion i d love to see playing you again with Leela!Can the knight be saved now?

sir. Phillip

Isint bending the axles cheating

Joshua Peercy

2:06:17Someone get in there and stop this thing

xXMaaaryXx xXTwentySevenXx

lmao one polygraph dude for all of LA i guess.

Phoebe Ojayas

Nakakaiyak sobra

Paaan Bear

Who won?

Christopher Maschek

Question for Prusa, at the headquarters, now that you are shipping the SLA printer, what is next?

Goran Ucovich

snooker , what a loving game...


Gotta love the "whiping the screen clear move" xD

Giorgi Merabishvili

I absolutely love your channel! Thank you very much!


Not to be rude, but in a 10 min time control, you still missed a lot of very easy forks and tactics to be up a piece. Remember, there are 64 squares on a board.


the game was nice, but your analysis was so boooooring. please stop filming yourself analyzing these games, you're ruining the games with your boring comments

Adrin Peralta


Avinash Prabhakar

Qiyu is incredibly pretty and great chess player. Love her.

Yop Mee Azmi

Nice job bro


Why would you use that kind of tape measure and then touch it with the wooden boards? Use a soft tape measurer



Angel Pretty

Ang galing ni brendamage sya ang papalit kay chocoleit andithankyou


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