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How To Unpack After Moving (Moving Tips & Organizing Hacks)

Your projects are always inspiring, thanks Pask.The pilot left them in perfect order when was leaving the crashed plane?What was that last one?

Even though I was going to watch it anyway.I can ride a bike and whistle at the same time - but that's about it.Very creative, magnificent.

A majority of the scouts earn the merit badge.Noooo this song !My Alexa turned on when Eugene said Alexa play hard metal music’.Shaun, what are the dimensions of your shop?Is no body gonna talk about how well these would work for off road applications.Toms full name is Tom Hankins he said it.

At 6:11 isnt

At 6:11 isnt

This video clip alone is a really nice therapy for curing depression and chronic anxiety !I would have a constant migrain.If you don't you get 3 strikes, we'll say for each glitch in case you accidentally find a new one and Nintendo would have to notify you of what it is, till you get banned from ever having a level show up in endless or multiplayer modes.Before he switched it back to the normal pieces, it looked to me like the Black pieces were made of cooling lava, or corrupted in some way.Reminds of: Hearts Of Space radio show.This ones still got ads!Cake turned out to be big disappointment.Which wouldn't work if there actually were 18 trees instead, but that's not specified by the question as necessary so.There is a bluish wood I think.Since you went to all the trouble,they can double as shop stools when you need them.

Ben Finegold is awesome.

Ben Finegold is awesome.

So why Knight c1 and not e1?Many of us built rocket stoves after Hurricane Maria back in 2017.Dude this is a piece that's outside of this world the legs and how they look is so dope.I feel frustrated every time they repeat the same mistake I mean.I’m pretty scared.Blah blah blah blahget to the point already.Thank you Dashner.

Why are you so pretty?

Why are you so pretty?

Who were the people helping Carlsen out with the first move?Sevian is not engine - Agadmator.It's easy, just draw a circle and divide it into 5.So white pawn f4 winning as black played himself.I would straight up buy that just for the aesthetics.Shame about the ear rape.After Nd6, Bxd6 (White cannot retake with the pawn since his queen is hanging), Ba4 (the move played in the game), Qxc5, Bxc5, Rxc5, etc, and material is equal.

For example, after 1.In Chess960 its not queen side castle, it's the king side.With all that brass and the copper, why didn't you solder it instead of epoxy?When you glue up the final pattern, why do you glue the extra pieces of white wood to the others and then cut them off after it has dried?Gajah putih yg bagus diundur kan.Beautiful finish!Fuck toggi :(just kidding, hi toggi.Pure elegance from capablanca.Stockfish 8 available on gitbub.


You don't have to be a pro to beat those guys, usually when you do a pro vs competition the pro's opponents are regular players, not first-timers.


I like u job


1:21:02Song is "Dj Satomi - Waves" if anyone wants to know

tae bug

6:16 their was a person on the road!!

Kris J

Dad (i think Broke the breaker. ) Lincoln (no my Minecraft server)

12squared Network

If they would've taught history this way in school, I wouldn't have tuned it out so much! This is so interesting!!

Sagar Shah

thanks a lot for your wishes.

sad defult69



my first game :D

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