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How to Use an Abacus to Teach Math

The dark bishop is isolated and doing nothing!It should be an easy addition.Syangnya gak ada yg menggerakan pion seperti itu bro.Tory is such a cool guy!

Mnogo uivam u tvojim videima, samo tako nastavi.Does magnus carlsen get better when drinking beer.Width 2,vpx canvas.

I just love how

I just love how

Then I a vid by Paul Letnik (spelled right I think).Prove me wrong."Everything was for the taking.One of my first Chess books was My System.I have seen the first problem before but never the generalization to a vertex cover plus one.Loving the new 2011 video :)Live blitz game most certainly do make interesting videos.DewgewffdrrgahghdfffdfdffffffdfdffffrffaaaaaaaaaaaaffffffFfffkll.I have a tuner by British audio company Cambridge Audio.I find your videos very instructive,tks.

Anh i cho em xin link bng xp hng c vua.Gosh, anyone knows what's wrong here?"i'd prefer to be White" this sentence Always gets me.Todd playing chess.I have not read all 700 comments.Okay what is the story on TOM?

Now that's a beautifully designed table showing off the ply pattern to best effect.7:58, how it is possible that pawn capture beside pawn.But based on the valid points you made I purchased and ordered all the remaining components (PSU, Ryzen 7 2700x, 1660 Ti etc.The forests of earth being cut down?Because that would send it to $500.How can you be NEARLY headless?This is a weird episode of Thor.Why did black not capture the knight on d6.It’s Ring of Fire by johnny cash.

What happen to the guy who say "owh coloring" never seen him anymore even in white elephant.In the last game,when your opponent played Nc6,you said that it was a "amateur mistake",which I partly agree.At 25:47 it looks like something flew across the room in the crack of the door.To me the trap failed.Nice video a usual.Very well solved by vidit.This is the first time I have viewed it,you did a great job making it,and the design is top notch too,its nice to see you are getting orders for thing's to make,and nd you are definatley gaining more experience each time you make thing's, the box definatley gets my thumbs up,take care and stay healthy and happy.Diba magpinsan sla.Black is totaly lost.Case 1: Alice sees 18 trees Case 2: Alice sees 16 treesBob has to pass, but by passing, Bob allows Alice to determine that he sees 2 trees, and since she sees 18 trees, she knows that Bib sees 2 trees, and can answer correctly There are 20 treesTo summarise.


Way to go Steve!

Mark Harris

That’s why my expresso never turns out so good, I don't use a butane torch to make it...and no WD40. When I was a chef I was told that expresso was the fundamentally the original type of coffee to come out of Arabia about 500 years ago. Who knew they had metal lathes, milling machines and computers back then? Another superb video and excellent build.

Johnny Cats


Shirong Gan

so boring


Wow, amazing disgusting engine line, that was awesome

Jackson Pope

I thought Magnus lost from the title :O


Thank you very much. Amazing teaching method.

Tara Moon

He is Armenian so you have to say it in a accent I know because I am Armenian

dongtan bulgom

At that scale, the speed of light, the speed limit of our universe, is mere 1.16 ft/s (35cm/s).


Love to see what tool you will make next.



Jack Wehrung

I FOUND IT!! I don't believe it. I an your average 1800 wood pusher. I guess I am having a great day.

Akshi Luhar

Very nice

Slipknot 555


Qasem Imad

Suggestion Ju wenjun vs Aleksandra Goryachkina Game 4


if the bishop takes the rook the king can take the black rook. same outcome

Eric M

and ... the end shot looks just as close together as the first

MopeyBubble 659

17:42 I have the same chir

Jeta-Maria Swanepoel

2:42Wow, that is beautiful!

Taiyabali Ujjainwala

On 6.25 Carlson can finish the game in two moves... He should take the bishop with knight n the next is check mate by rook. I think Carlson played very stupidly

Trevor Berg

Killer incense burner bro, little rough

Allan Carvajal

At 2:40:00 is funny how the IM Daniel says he thinks it is still not winning and then the GM Robert explains that it is in fact winning and some seconds later Nakamura resigns ... That's the difference between an IM and a Gm


Best cajon build! Thankyou much for sharing! What are the name of the screw and thread packs you get and where can I order them mate?

Joseph Reyes

carmilla eudora ulti


Unbelievable!!! I asked a worker to take 1/16 of a board...he set the fence at 1/16....

Chris Rands

What i like about this is Magnus makes the plan g3, h4 with the idea of a kingside attack, but then when is opponent later plays f5, he is able to re-evaluate everything,just win a pawn and then build a queenside advantage with a new plan

Gia huy Nguyn

Va v ch c vua cp trng xong , sng qu ad i


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