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I DIED TO BAD CONNECTION! // +38k Points in // Short Video

Sure they can move across the board quickly but they are color dependent.Ross Kemp is a double hard bastard I think he's great.I wish for an inhumane chess where a black piece can capturekill another black piece if it gets in the way, and where a white piece can do similarly.

Cheapens the craft,should have taped the frets, why not use automotive bondo?Hello sir, can you share the attachment of the sensors under the board."oh sorry guys my mind wondered while we were guessing hats".Can someone pls explain how the heck the bishop got to d3 at 19:34?

Why they vote Jessica out

Why they vote Jessica out

This fits my current nihilistic mood absolutely.Master numberfools number XD Perfection goes around with 11's 22's etc.Before he showed the answer, I guessed 4 days.And for goodness sake stop digging in with the edge of the sander.And thanks for all the hardwork you do.

You are an inspiration and the main reason I took computer science, keep doing what you're doing and dont stop!Chess with your video I got my fourth chess reward only on from your trick.Com Rapid my win ratio was 1:1.He should have resigned with class and dignity.I like the "women hold up half the sky" model that produced the elite eastern european women's chess world that both of you come from.

That shop is a museum.

That shop is a museum.

9:51 I think Nxf7 is better than what Paul Morphy played no?The Carver's Mallet would work very well for leatherwork where you deliver lots of relatively light blows to small moving stamping tools.Would also be nice if it locked in the open position.I'm still building a giant geometric transforming Murphy besk bookcase.I actually made a wild guess and guessed it correctly, because it was the only move that looked crazy enough.I actually had the idea to do this but I haven't made one yet.Challenge: figure out how I got that, then find the 4d checkers bound.He should have made space for his bishop.

Why isn't d5 earlier better and then bounce the bishop around d8 a5, so doubled bishops?RB is evolving however a lot of new artists like Tory Lanez, Summer WALKER, Ella Mai, etc, do tend to samle the best RB songs that have already been made.What's keeping that f5 pawn alive from the black rook?Jajjajajaaj of course that desck is ecxelent !Used to be a time when Chess used to be one of the most rewarding professions.Moves are going like I think in the bottom of the table there is a magnet.My only complaint about your review was the strength of the magnets.Love the handshake.His English has improved a lot.It seems he was giving the game away he could’ve mated with the queen hooking up with the Bishop, etc so I’m not convinced the guy was playing legitimately bug it was cute to see a 6 year old win.

David Anderson

I am going to try this project out for myself. I just hope I can find a wood as beautiful as kind you had. Thanks for sharing

Benjamin Jordan Carvallo

Tu y tu novia puedes jugar juntos

JewIsraeli SillyGoyim

It's shocking the number of comments I see where women are making excuses for the evil murdering mothers while shifting the blame onto the innocent victim fathers. I think I am starting to see why most child murderers are women. What a wake up call. Jeeez.

Dolor Consumer

Wow who is dogsofwar really strong!


Human on human action gachiGASM

Cerina Carroll

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin Deleon



At the point where Carlson missed the winning move, why isn't H3 a great move?


Mato, Jan Timman is a chess legend. Could you please post a few games that he won against great opponents? Thank you :)

hetal thakkar

Best move for white is pawn c7 toove forward and convert to queen

John Martin

love your channel!


list 20 Queen songsha-ha

Dewa langit

di permainkan anak kecil,mas nya sampai keluar keringat dingin wkwkkw


Love it


i'm from Colombia and so i love you'r creations are amazing good work men

Redzo Alic

Weak sauce advice

I don't even know.

darn missed it :)


Very smart ideia ,not every ! Sorry . Internet is very good to be the world close

Ombaba Sahoo

A few Centuries is al lot for alchemists

Skywalker subscribe

Wtf 5:14 beast mode gord thank me later

Lord Seventh

At 4:21 the correct move was rook h7 then Queen a8... checkmate

Trisha Lianne Crisanto

In 3:15 who crazy punk would block P-e4? Rf1 is the move


I wonder how long it took to edit this

Charles Joy

2019,,nov. My favourite movie


Me, scrolling through recommendationssee thumbnailreads title"well, quite literally, explosions."

Laura Ontiveros

Wow! Love this rolling pin. You are an amazing professional manwith woodwork.Do you sell them?


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