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Hello my blog

I Gave Blitzcrank ALL My Items... | Teamfight Tactics | League of Legends Auto Chess | TFT

Doctor: A beautiful baby boy!Keep up the good work!I usually catch all your videos.Cloning is GP so exponential.He loses a piece.

That reminds me a little bit kind of sort of similar to Stratego I used to play that as a kid here in the USA so where can I find this game I'm not able to find it on anywhere I've looked.Runs through check by bishop.Died of cancer :).Me in confusion at how he can say their names.

I wud like his autograph.

I wud like his autograph.

Also the wicked edge is a far better sharpener,if you are going to copy.Very educational and at the end very funny video thank you!Thanks again for your really helpful video, really appreciated!Sure let us all be In ICH$$$$.Otherwise a sweet vid!Looks great man!Now black is up a pawn and if they manage to bring the king on H file then it could be winning for black.Thank you for another existential crisis!

Part 19 15 shows in an orbe.I'm not a fan of Alexander the great but must concede that he was probably the 'greatest' if you combine leadership, politics governance, etc.My last name is the same as hermione.It is another position without b3 and black can play c5?Yes I am posting this in both videos.Kd7 31Qxf7 Be7 32Rh7 Dd8 exchange the pieces and have 2 pass pawnsand a winning position.I watch enough you tube so I know bad ones from good ones.

Beautiful, you much have your life savings in

Beautiful, you much have your life savings in

Usually body weight can be a dead giveaway if someone’s a hardcore gamer or not.That was a real professional engineering example, thanks for video we need more diresta.And build from there?This bloke has got a strange fuckin accent.Well, it is surely a very beautiful cutting board!


Wow great work

Eman Yousef

poal 10


Yura Graterol

Keith IS the best Try Guy. He cares so much for everyone and I don't care what none of y'all say.



Eva hates people

This song is so beautiful, it takes me through so many emotions and just makes me think about how much Harry Potter really means to me, it’s always been a big part of my life and I have so many great memories associated with Harry Potter. This songjust makes all the amazing memories start flooding back,and tbh I get so overwhelmed with nostalgia that I just cry every.single.time. This series just means so much to me and really has gotten me through so many tough times and for me this piece represents the series as a whole . Idon’t usually comment on things but I just really wanted to say this :)

sandeep pati

There are 15 white and black diagonal chessboard

Bibu KH

surprise surprise

E z

Donnell Rawlings show is better.

gamer 679

Presumido nio

Yuck Fu

Why isn't anyone telling this ass to STFU? Is trash talking a shitty distraction strategy?

J. Steven Mann

Lesson here, if at first you don't succeed...Thanks for letting us learn with you.

Jericho Enriquez

Nakakaiyak nmn

Savior NT

My home lab consists of a Cisco 2821, 1841 for the routers, using Catalyst 2960 and 3750v2 switches, an R610 for VM/Server capabilities, and a R710 for a file server. At some point I want to get an ASA 5510 w/ SSM-10 and another router/switch and a larger rack... oh, and a 2 bedroom apartment to throw my lab in. !$ it's loud.

Paolo Maruotti

amazing work!


I've seen a few other youtubers that sound the same as is a lisp an actual accent in a certain part of the UK?

Farah Plays

My heart


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