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I Got Married in Minecraft! (Again)

The cost of a sword increased steeply with the size of the blade.It gives me an error that the libraries that we included so not exist.In 5:00 he can protect his king with his knight aswell.This kind of makes me happy that there's actually something behind it.3:15 Ali looked Abbu!Just spotted this build as I was looking for something a bit different for a chopping board.

I think it "turned" out great

I think it "turned" out great

That turned out great, beaut timber and a great combination with the resin.So is PETG good then for a compromise of heat resistance and strength like ABS but without sone if the drawbacks?It doesn’t make it right, but it also doesn’t make you hate them, which for me is rare with these killer stories.Review Fallen order a i.I'm absolutely stunned by your skill level and the abilities of your shop.I only wish you would make more of these :D.Quiero hacer lo mismo.Usually I want to make small enclosures for electronics, mostly of 220mm X 100mm but i don't know what thickness of MDF I need so that it doesn't sag.What a time to be alive!Never before and since one player was so dominant over his GM opponents  and so far beyond his contemporaries , perahaps only Morphy was close to him in the whole chess history.

A big blunder in the final match in a world championshipwhite)For those of you who don't know the story: this game was from the 2nd Steinitz - Chigorin world championship match.This is not extreme.Hey linus i am planning to get the Asus TUF Gaming FX505DU Gaming LaptopI am getting the gtx 1660 ti version plz answer fast.Excelente maestro.Why does all the commentary on these woodwork videos have to be in the future tense?

Should've played another one

Should've played another one

Fun fact 3 books 23 million digits 10 7 digitsthat my number needs 100 books to be written.Whatever you did see you won't be telling us.Boomer just means you're a baby boomer, you're not a Baby Boomer Dan, you're more of a Gen Xer or maybe an Xennial.Now I only need to gain "some" skills to makes such knives.That effect would look nice on a pair of speakers a pair BBC rogers.75 first to understand what the hell happened in the last 20 seconds.Funny thing is i don't know jackshit about coding but i kinda get the logical stuff coz they taught us advanced coordinate geometry in 11th grade.John - you are a TEACHER sir!I got Fischer's killer move!Nice video, that chess board looks awesome!

He was a grown ass

He was a grown ass

What if Alireza had moved Ra1 earlier, at 1:12:43?Ended up giving them away because i never could figure out what they were for." should consider kingscrusher game where Blondie does not play 44.Next time "who composed the opera,"faust" wolfgang von goethe, christopher marlowe, or dean koontz?Where WitherStorm?The fact that he can visualize this and explain it so clearly really shows how abstract this man can contemplate.

Great work and thanks

Great work and thanks

How is he gonna find that squere?Kasparov took a high risk-high reward decision here.It's really just that simple.Black is better.Rf4 gets back the q.They have a distinct accent.Uses prostitutes regularly.In just the very first example, wouldn't Queen to e3 also work in three?Another souind investment has been the Chessbase products.For all you young fellas out there.

It's not like that he can't solve puzzles

It's not like that he can't solve puzzles

Ares you can't open water but still lol.Ginger GM song name?Hitachi does (or did) make a great framing nailer, some day maybe a hoseless version will be usable for pros.I like the outtakes it makes it look authentic.These instructional tutorials are great!I never lost a game of Clue and no one wanted to play with me after a while.Please make one with kings at highest point, like two mountains and battle zone (center) at lowest.

Markus Franke

ah, soo entertaining and still learned so much! Love this guy


I never could get the hang of chess. Knew all the rules and what all the pieces did, but never could out-strategy my opponent

Muhammad Nuqman

bang ada orang nak lawan abg

Sana Lamrini

What do you mean with bread flour? I can only find bread mix flour here in The Netherlands.. or do just mean the regular flour you can use for baking bread, cookies, cakes etc


In what universe does a farmer keep a wolf?!Cool video! Always interesting to see these problems being projected by geometry so solve them.

sisneros reunion

Great video you are very talented


That was black magic.


10:58 knight f3?

Fiore Fer

Beautiful, we need you to show us the quilted effect on the cake on top.

Khobby Josh

Well you will definitely survive the zombie apocalypse


Dean Kemen is not dead (inventor of segway) for this statment i have lost all faith in Ben since he has neverlied nor made a sacrastic comment in his life till this video

Lucas Andrade


Bryan Romero


Caching with Azzo7777



Who else clicked on this hoping it was about some Sweet young Asian thang ?


Can I use this with Vuforia?

Ben Perzanowski

the symbol 7 in Arabic is actually the number 5thus the reaason that there are only five interior angles

Dude It's Me

What do they do with the scraps?


I make 3D patterns for CNC kind of part time, if you ever ever need anything made. It would be easier than chiseling away at CNC cut outs.


I liked this video but this Jon dude has a weird head and face, I can't look at him!

Christine Vanderheiden

His "oh hey I'm just playing around" excuse reminds me of when a pretty high up there manager from ky last job at FedEx that tried asking me out. Complete no no. And I refused because I was married...which he when I didnt take his offer well he whips out the " ha ha just kidding" right. You asked me in private...because you were kidding...

Camilo Fossemale

ta re viajero este canal


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