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IM Sielecki's "An hour of Chess... explained!" 2017-09-18

Of course, we Irish always like to point out that the McDonnell-Bourdonnais encounter was really six consecutive matches rather than one long match.Waths your put in the wood?7:03, carlini missed opportunity to get free knight kill.I usually know I have lost as soon as my opponent makes their first move.Every lecture really helps my chess and my interest in chess.

I think she should have been on this lists.Amazing how much useless crap people spend time and money creating :).I bet these guys will remember these moments forever and smile.Truly more than anything else, Hawkins achieved what everyone else said was impossibly impossible.Goes to make homemade pizza!I just noticed that the German keyboard has 'QWERTZ'.Ima just work things out myself because it seems to work loledit 4 WOOOOO I GOT IT WORKIN!Your girls I am sure have learned a lot from you.

Can women play it?That point being opposite to the tangent point.Right idea, it's still math.Do you give classes on how to work that fast?This battle doin numbers tho haha.There is more than one way to count with your hands, though.Hmmm now I know what I can do with all the chopsticks I have been accumulating from take-out orders.At 8:04 Matt graphs xx but that graph is not defined for x0.Javidx9 : from scratch!It’s really grat but I think that there’s thing you forgot like the clergy that was on the 1st estate is the high clergy not the low clergy (priests, moines) that were just as poor as the third estate.

"no, it doesn't".

"no, it doesn't".

Thats not fair with mens.Elgin i don't know if it is a bug It waskarina and Chou when karina got kill by the turret it was my kill but I didn't even hit her.Even if you statistically calculate how big your chanceto win is, statistically, the fact that you win is still pure luck.Com it's just a blank page saying "You should not have come here.So the issue of inner groove distortion, ie a record slowly losing its fidelity while being played as the circumference gets smaller towards the centre, has never been solved?Wait a minute now Yes physics is alongside the foundation of matter and energyHowever this idiot portrays himself to be one of those physicist who has contributed greatly to humanity, nothing can be for the from the truth.Like you said "they are there because they don't know" if they did they wouldn't need you, more than half the time I don't even ask what's wrong or go beyond 1 question- "what happens when you turn it on?Could they do this with graphene?But the truth is he defeated by the King Porus.

But now I'm with

But now I'm with

I just want my music to be heard and enjoyed!I loved the ending.Also everyone needs to understand they are ghost.You should have learned by now to have better security.(10th grade I think, only lasted about two months.I think I watch too many bad movies LOL but the table is beautiful Bravo.I hope they won't fix it until releasing in original server.No weird hand fetish going on here or something like that.

This is the build that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, oh yes he started building it,knowing what it was, and it took forever just because this is the build that.4:54 rook d6 is sexy.And thus the first record scratch was made.I love the piece man buy you need to work on your video editing.Ravunni Poli sanam myre.After queen to h3, bishop takes on g2 and queen has nowhere to go.'" (Finally Bedivere does throw Excalibur into the lake, from which a hand reaches up out of the water and catches it just at the last instant, kind of like "your pawn-storm has to be well-timed.

We'll made, good job.You should somehow explainthe multiset PERMUTATION which permutates the combinations.Got diabetes watching this.Just used my first G65.Did he say "there's a nasty looming on f7".Make a 15" model with dual RAM slots and a numberpad and i would consider buying it.When to push,when to pull out,when to play aggressive,and when to play defensive.Whenever teachers ask questions I will be like agadmator at 20:20.He would go bonkers seeing me play.Mas ok ang itsura ni miho d2 na natural pa kesa ngaun n retokada na sya.

MY DiCk fell off!

MY DiCk fell off!

What a gorgeous lamp!Downvoted because of the incredible amount of ads destroying the mood and flow of the music.So anyone trying to emulate his performance has a hard task in front of them.Thanks Akka it's very tasty.I think I made a remis because stockfish played very orderly and this engine needs for moves only 2 seconds, but I dont made any clock settings.Sorry you need to learn how to teach.Ted talks aren't the same.1:34 i cracked up.Please excuse my stupidity as I don't understand this maths.

nunu jose

Full movie please

Suchit Nandal

What a fucking frame! Full of ups and downs! I can't even imagine the pressure they might be feeling!

Jonathon Jones

Just an idea... rather than a speed control, why not just use a foot pedal as an interrupt?NC wired pedal that breaks the circuit when pressed, stopping the motion until you release the pedal... but then again the closest I come to welding is MAP gas and brazing rods.Great video as always!


Enough clowning around.

Alexander Lopez



Could u pls make a video on knockback in 2d


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