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0005 is a huge tolerance!Bakit hindi sya yung nanalo?How come the title says "Scary Shart" yet he never crapped his pants.

Yang ngedislike pasti abang gojek dan gofood.Chess24 should consider firing guys like Loek Van Wely who gives really bad commentary and give full time employment to FFL Gata Kamsky.Resignation was the best move on the board.If you want to get all- 1.6 depends on the order and make colored yarn.Holly molly you are so great Ben, this was awesome.

Cuz i'd like to see if it's possible

Cuz i'd like to see if it's possible

Can i have a sauce of that wallpaper?Am I missing something?No gambling with chess.I COULD DO THIS IN JUST 2 MOVES.691, I respect that, didn't want to ruin the perfect number.You inspire me with every video, I will now at some point be making a spoke shave, and maybe even making a replacement iron for an old No 4 plane which is currently out of commission due to a very badly pitted iron that has a 'sawtooth' blade edge due to very bad pitting.Keep up the great videos, I enjoy them!Nice Driving on jhonson.Man that's beautiful.Wood free, other costs?

At 3:31 if you move Qc3 you

At 3:31 if you move Qc3 you

This gives you a much more even cut across your whole surface.When magnus moved his queen to b2, why the other player didn't play rook b1 ?Imagine how good it makes us mere 1700s feel!Don't forget to hit that subscribe butt-tonDon't forget to hit that like butt-tonuuugggghhhhh!Are the boards properly oiled?

(Unless he used gluten-free beer?

(Unless he used gluten-free beer?

At last count, you were up to $42.I marveled at the craftsmanship.Noen was internally screaming the entire time lmao.Unfortunately, this was also the beginning of the end for Morphy as he was soured on the Politics of Chess:.ENVY WILL NOT STOP DESTINY.Patty my bucket list to go on a ghost hunt there at the yellow house but with you and your 2 guns and joe my dream will come true and we also go to Georgia cemetery where that huge moth you saw in tree.Not a single no game no life comentMy disappointment is imeasurable and my day is ruined.

Linus looks like a fat slob lol wow he's let himself go.Those are your basic $20 hustler chess set.Do what’s inside afor real machine.LMAO LOL hahaha.Sir nth roots of unity, and trigonometric equations please.I couldn't ever teach kids anything.I'm not sure what I love more about this video: the incredible performance of the clamps the way they look (beautiful!

Let's call it the Batumi position.What was the name of the first person zombie shooter at the very end of the video?Any chance you know what type of wood is in your pile?Whoever is holdin the camera is a fucking idiot.The FAA has very strict requirements on additive manufacturing.The return of Endgame Exclam!Best action for black in first example would be to take with knight on d5.

Le Cobra

Just discover your channel and the second game played really show how knowing the game change everything, my elo is poor, I'm a beginner yet when I'm confronting 800with my already poor 1100 I can feel that as well. It's like "obvious attacks everywhere" and it humbles me a lot as I know that for some dudes, with a way better level, I was that guy when we were playing.Anyway, great channel ! You got a new subscriber.

Strongly Indian

Worth every picoseconds.

Derek Rios

Solid endgame.

Rahul .c.s

apparently his lichess page says "this player usess chess computer assistance" well isn't it obvious

Kytiana Senigar

too many oldheads on the show lol. Jinx is right. RB is evolving however a lot of new artists like Tory Lanez, Summer WALKER, Ella Mai, etc, do tend to samle the best RB songs that have already been made. Not to discredit their work but its not wholly original

MrMrs Morrice

the board is beautiful and artistic but its overpriced

Jeffrey Linde

Even if China under reported their infected by a factor of 4 (300K versus 80K infected), the infection rate in that area is still far less than 1% (50 million live in the Wuhan area). The media (including FOX) are ALL blowing this way out of the water all for AND ONLY for the all mighty dollar.......

Chuck Norrisss

3:19:24 thank me later

Durrant Shield

Extremely awesome work there. Love the processes, the machinery, the equipment, and the finished product... WOW!!!

Rob van der Kroon

Fischer had a winning position when adjourning.Botvinnik needed a team of grandmasters and a call to Russian endgame specialist to find the draw after analysing till deep in the morning.Not the first time the commies cheated on the best player of all times.

Aurobindo Ghosh

come two hours before flight so you buy from those duty free stores and restaurants

Holli Babbert

Thats cool star trek ship awesome job

Tom Carlson

It is amazing to see your experience in this old craft.I really enjoyed the whole process from the beginning.


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