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Mesmerising job as usuallythnx 4 sharing.Thank you for sharing this with us.He does advise some other moves than the ones you suggest.Xxaronator2000xX thank goodness i completely agreeeeeee.So that when white plays his knight to c5, my rook will still be exerting pressure against c3.We made it at the end but little repairs were needed.You have a great imagination of making perfect cake recipesand i never try you're recipes but always watching and waiting for new video.

Greetings from Brazil .How fast those guys need it to sort the coconuts?'Neither player wants to lose'."Ria thought "Furpent" would be an appropriate species name, seeing as how the creature resembled a snake that was covered neck to tail in black fur.Pro job webby, as always.

Great for conversation!

Great for conversation!

Watched his videos since 201213ish and I guess I shouldn't be surprised given he plays every instrument.Now here is a man who loves and cares for his tools!Hermosos los caballos :).Don't fall for cheap tools!Hey Scott - Love your teaching.Yes they are addictive.Just got an ad about somebody wanting to limit the 2nd amendment.Have you ever seen something so beautiful?

Thanks a lot i really liked the video and laughed a lot.As a swed,americans mispronouncing swedish words is ANNOYING."we need something to call the size of this grid, I dunno what to call it.Seriously awesomely beautiful!That royal fuck :D.Please send a video to me that how to download it.I was a Machinist for 44 years and eventually owned the shop that that I started in.And if you play it all alone in your head, no matter what the oppenent would move ( like block it by using rook,he can simply move the king forward near the rook so the queen can eat the rook, or let say if the king is checked, the opponent can move the king backward, then he can easily move the queen one step to the right ( landin at brown) so he can checked the king and the rook).Just give him credit for a good jobjealousy is not nice.

What that sentiment on the end forgot to mention is, that some people went beyond while others still do their backwater thing.Keep up the good work.And also white Queen is in pin already.Every move magnus made was amazing and his opp was just lost from move one.My father was a police officer during the time of Ivan’s captivity and arrest.And i live in washington we have a port full of the stuff.Like I know it’s not, for some reason I just get that vibe.I thought i was watching a playthrough.You are really superb.I'm intrigued by your stove.

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dry ingrediant means

Pat Santos

What was the staining process and finishing?


Drinking Listening MusicTalking with chatTalking with his friendSpeaking 2 different language time to timeAnd still winning

Tyler Durden

1 Million

Eriqa Lenaya

Server launched, or is it scheduled for pre-Christmas 2020?

Teri Folden

I also don’t like soda and sodas my sister and she is 10 and I am 8 1/2

Christopher Johnson

11:40- "Qg2 exlam" :D

Fei Li

Did Carlsen lose, or at least drawn any of his matches here ??

Bang Bean gamer

Kok botol nya gerak sendiri ya


what hardness of wire are you using..?

Light Gutierrez

parang c Kristine reyes

Arya vijay

thank u

Sasi Prakash



magnus vs webcam

Madhavi Reddy

Hats off to the camera man.

Pianochess 1

That game at around the 1 hour Mark against WFM Tanni was a very nice positional game


What is this!Clear picture, no needless irritation from cheap rock music, no blather, no migraine-inducing graphics, no endless repetition as though you're talking to a moron?Clearly, you haven't been reading the 'How To Make A Bad Video for YT' guide.


Yoh. Imagine Tal with two queens

Absy Salah

very goodnice job

Monkey Brain

My answer was 16,406..! i solved it inversely. Like i started from when the piles were finished :/

Kenneth Thompson

Karpov has said many times lets play 24 classical games for the world title with the champion retaining the crown in the event of a draw and he is right!!

American Engineer

Then Bxf6. Black is still threatening mate on g2.


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