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In the Kitchen with Ken - Aunt Martha's Chocolate Pie

Really good course.I watched it all.Use shortening under the image instead of water.Great video with beautiful and functional results.He makes short castle and then moves his king into a long castle.Totally off topic - their English, as a second language, is unbelievably good, all those tiny little nuances, I guess it has to do with the IQ.Just think he wanted to toy with him another sec haha.

I want this chess board.

I want this chess board.

Is there something I’m missing here about the rules of this?I'm glad I found this channel.If yes, time duration?Seems way simpler.4 % rating congrats Xian Lim.Just ordered this set up.Why is your dog always sleeping at the couch in all your videos?I had to pause and go back several times what made it really hard following you.Damn though I picked the Queen of Hearts first and the Ace of Spades second so I thought that was the magic - that you picked the one we were thinking about second lmao.Fantastic super cool.

This house even looks AWSOME on the outside.

This house even looks AWSOME on the outside.

You did such a wonderful job restoring this desk!I like the Bevelexcept I would have put a 12 inch deep V cut off centre, through the sides.Boy's reaction : WTFFF.Very cool project!Who is that dude in top right corner and what is he doing there.Like I said I love watching all of your videos.I liked and sub'd.Thanks for the video - instructive!Here is my opinion in the puzzle rook to a5 treating mate in 1 if be8 then pawn to g5 check king goes to h5 we can simply push our pawn to g6 pawn can't take because king is checked after king goes back we can simply take the pawn on h7 then promote it to a queen.

This kid is pissing me of

This kid is pissing me of

41:43 Magnus had Queen Sacrifice Mate!"Result ""UTCDate "2017.If you rotate the L so you have something like I then stick the ends together (with the rotated version on top) you'll getILwhich is the "saucepan", second iteration.We want time travel bro video cheyandi.Tell me the requirement to execute this program.Paano magpadala nang sulat sa mmk?2:07:23 Blunder!Nice table but the technique didn't win me over.

Yg dislike berarti

Yg dislike berarti

Most DIY videos have rather.What a fantastic flag on the wallGO G B.It's the right way to say haha.Me: 45 54 Jack:50!I have find the solution.1 (one 1)11 (two 1s) 21 (one 2, one 1) 1211 (one 1, one 2, two 1s) 111221 (three 1s, two 2s, one 1) 312211 (one 3, one 1, two 2s, two 1s) Answer: 13112221.Louis next year for the Sinquefield Cup 2019?1:55 well if u inculed off board to other side most likely all tours are closed.Go to the tile store and buy a 12"x24" piece of MARBLEGRANITE ($5)!

Me: Well damn I guess

Me: Well damn I guess

Java is Irreplacable.Unfortunately, the angle of incidence and reflect are measure from the surface normal.Doing so I can control the pace and where the fight is fought.Arthur john serdoncillo.Made but not sale.Bapaknya kelamaan mikir.

zero pub

Ngerap kali bang?

Jason Robletto

I tried the c3 move after Bishop put me in check like Kevin suggested at about 6:50. Pawn took and I took back which was supposed to force Bishop to move.. Instead black played Qe7! I tried Bb2 then his Bishop moved to c5 and the Bishop sacrifice won't work anymore because of his Queen.. I just castled and ended up losing. Any good responses to that qe7 move? I don't see any

Julie Turcios-Avila

Dont uou know you dont play with the quij by yourself? big no no

Edwin Rosa

Incredibly amazing

Erik T

So after e4, I do what now?


Nice for sitting on a coffee table to look pretty, nothing I would actually want to play with though. I rather have a nice wooden set for playing.

Ken Willis

Beautiful board. wishing you all the best in the new year

Double Cross

Black to move, Rd2, Rxa3, h2, Kh1

Christopher Tuggy

I would love to hear an explanation as to why Carlsen didn't play Rf3 on move 44!


I think it's Clint Eastwood

Sola Scriptura

Antonio: (narrates his own over-the-board tournament games)Opponent: (?)Antonio (scratches his leg) ''sorry about dat!"

Aleph Null

Definitely want to see more Magnus banter blitz please!


Some of the strings in Battlegrounds are short because the PC misses its move.

Redfish Incorporated

I spent way too much of my lunch hour watching this today... it was totally worth it!

Nehemiah Lopez

How codemolt

Mehdi Mehdikhani

the black guy is stepdad of hikaru nakamura the guy in the left at the beginning of video.

Rizka Amalia

Makan apa kumur2 om..

Miranda-Lee Haines



Its amazing that Alireza has taken four beatings in a row after starting so strong. It goes to show just how much stronger the top chess players in the world are above the rest of the crowd.


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