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Without a check no direct checkmate is allowed.Given the tremendous pressure on black's king to follow, it seems that castling and allowing white to play pxp can't be as bad.I like how sex work is 'shady' even though it's a pretty straightforward transaction, but corporate America and its contracts and EULA aren't reflexively thought of as 'shady'.Why the large 45 hole in other countries?Time to go to sleep, good night.Thank you, Its very help for me.

Check out this video!

Check out this video!

100's listen to you with only 4-5 badges at that point.U are left handed too.Came for chess, stayed for geography lessons.Thanks father for trying to kill me twice!Instead can start earyly.Did you ask for a replacement?Em Tn Ninh Thanh Hoa c haizzz.It burned my spirits and annoyed me too.

Hindi man tayo ngayon.Programmists call it 0.As a hacker I appreciate the thanks.I laughed so hard.In case we have all the dead batteries in the 1st group, the 5th attempt will light up the torch.Hello, I new at watching your videos, and I just want to say your so talented, just wondering where did you learn how to make such beautiful cakes?I have Liked,Shared and added to Playlists.32:50What about Nf5?You are a true artist!

0:45 greetings everyone!Does anyone uses computer against magnus.:) If you read this comment dear whomever you are thinking that everything is just in huge mess !How much the machine cost?If you have lots of hairs on your face and head, you must be smart.

I would like

I would like

You were not alone in that house i am certain 10:54 "Leave" 16:02 in window someone is 100% watching you inside the house.Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing much more of your videos :).This makes the learning curve for game dev much easier for me.Sorry if I wrote it wrong.That’s some shop.Don't disrespect ( an and ), please.Got to make me one of those.Wow, love this vid!Fantastic work guys!

Not enough trash talk.You really should think about making several of these to sell!Legend has it, his dog has never moved.Have done a lot for indian chess.The 2nd one I didn't see it I had one of them moments "damn how could u not see that".Nearly all industrial areas with more than two blocks need some type of cofiguration of the road layout to make the traffic flow above 75 - 80%.I'd be quite interested in knowing what proof assistant (computer software) was used in checking the theorem.You explain things so well.My question isCan a person become IM by playing online chess and learning myself by books and online videos.SzacunZastanawia mnie to co trzeba miec w glowie aby dac tutaj lapke w dol?


yeah i agree a little tinkering on the table so blade rides at a flatter angle will work-also nice of them to let you try the blade- gotta love free tools. Love watchin ya work.


I see:So the Black King has only one way to sidestep from chess at the end which is D5 but after that the White Queen steps to D4 and that's a check-mate!Damn I have not been played chess a long long time....!

troy rogers

depends on what state im in

Karbin Gamer

Can you please cover a prime spassky vs kassparov game

Ervon Nichols

Congrats man!

Gary Cooper

I've read through a lot of the comments and it's obvious your viewers are quite impressed. Rightfully so as far as craftsmanship is concerned and I'm sure this thing works amazingly, BUT..... I have to wonder at the extent of craftsmanship employed to sandsmaller parts for your projects. But if it makes you happy..... that's the most important part. Nice shop by the way.


That’s a cool blade guard on your table saw. I’m a new woodworker - could you point me to information on it? Is it aftermarket?

Levar Kizer

Check out Levar Kizer on YouTube chess master rap don't forget to give a like

Mellow Birds

I imagine this is not for everybody. Takes a bit of extroversion to do what he did.

Denise Smith

I've never felt more soothed after a discussion of pickups

Bearded Penguin

First! Also, that's a great looking desk. Love the style.

sharmila otaal

Mikhail Tal is one person that you should know about before you start playing chess. Please do read his wikipedia page.He was THE best attacking player of all times.

war shock


Sebastian Boltz

Not that it's important but I just looked this up for myself and I'm the 1000th like. Feels good lol


LMAO! 3D graphics and then starts out in windows 10 draw that looks like shit!

ally G

Who else thought of Harry Potter

Nathan B

This is soooo American


that endgame blew my mind


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