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Isolated Pawn Positions with GM Ben Finegold

Eres muy chingon es este tema la verdad, te admiro como eres, yo tambien quiero aprender como tu lo haces, por eso veo tus videos.A company that can't even manage to properly secure a cable on a review unit will not be getting money from me.Lincoln I ordered mabye 20.I have pioneered a new technique called the accidental sacrifice.

By the time Ivey and Antinius

By the time Ivey and Antinius

I think offering your Queen should’ve counted as a sacrifice.I want to play well.I consider myself a mathematician and you just blew my fucking mind.Was that supposed to be hard?Have you faced some video or audio copyrights violence about your game video's.It can only be learned".1:19:26 magnus is a robot confirmed.This is an amazing piece and it probably took you for ever to finish.

Geometry feels like magic sometimes.

Geometry feels like magic sometimes.

Your videos are mesmerising.It is really helpful to see other lines because it helps reveal why these GMs did what they did in the game.Unfathomable shet!I love your videos.I can't find any follow up.

" I'm not seeing

" I'm not seeing

Girl: makes oven less browniesrick n morty fans: laughs in kroninberge.Here we go again.If you said he got destroyed, what would be the caption if he played me?66 :) Great videos as always Jerry.27:14 what if black plays Qa5 check.You seem really tall in those pictures.2:57 Video when my parents enter the room.

Hey Vern, watch this and hold my beer:I’m gonna berserk Carlsen.It's spinning the wrong way for turning.It has 2 wheels it doesn’t hover ha neither does the hover board.Agadmentor: "Okay,if you found the correct move,congratulations.Do yourself a favor and build some actual SAWHORSES.I learnt this piece on the piano 25 or 30 years ago.

E checked nga e, obligatory na kahit mahawakan pa ng bata yun tower magiging invalid ang touched move rules, dahil kailangan niyang isave ang king niya!2:09 Grandmaster beater.I think I'm going to quit chess.Bounce and then write the function for bounce is a ton easier to think about in your mind.I have only one comment.You can,tmafhs 6612214 ok.43:19 i think if he trades the rooks it is a draw, black would never lose on time it is an easy premove game.Liszt or alkan arw easily the equal to paganini for piano.Deh famous agadmator.


Are those your notes pegged on the letterbox? HeheAs always, excellent video. I'm making a board carrier for my mate who's always pulling his shoulder out at work. Brilliant idea, thank you!

gary141 bailey

Please make a Scania 14 ltr scaled down V8

Ma Tokyo

Super cool man !! Doing this by yourself it’s peaceful but VEEEERY HARD WORK !! I went to cut some cider trees last month and the idea of build a log house was born also, thanks for the hints.


15 Athiests dislike this video.


I've been working with wood for about 20 years now. I'm self taught. But I'm not sure if I'll ever get as good as you. You do great work and inspire me to do better work. Love the videos.

Arnav Karhad

Horrible chess

Peter Horvath

Mato, at 1:53 isn't it an opoortunity to play the greek gift?

Stay True

The Leprechaun Sunny Side TX.

Akshay Kumar Gautam

I'm so proud of my religion, The religion of science.

Andrew Madden

It is hard to dispute the brilliance of Mark Knopfler. Not one piece disappoints. This is now my favourite song


Sims bru I play modern warfare, battlefield 5, death stranding red dead redemption 2, the division 2, fallout 76, fallout 4, call of duty black ops 3, call of duty black ops 2 call of duty ghost and I’m still not considered a gamer by kids online


great video - but I wish you could revisit those and give them some sane architecture (to much functions on cell,global vars, ...)

Rahul Thankachan



Adam Doskoil

Yeah.. But what if the paperclip was blue?


Ivanchuk is an amazing player.

Muhammad Bahrudin



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