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Israel Adesanya - Journey to UFC Champion

:)I networked our old rental and had a similar reaction from the property manager that the 8U rack was huge!That's a really bad reason.At least I'm not getting any ads on this one.2 nozzle from Micro Swiss on my ultimaker 2 and it gives really beautiful results.Please don’t lie to get more views!

I also usually do and assemble everything on place where it will be placed :) So thank you.I love both of these guys.Anand was so excited.Never heard of antikythera mechanism?Why am I self conscious when I look at Eugene.I could binge watch 5 seasons of him explaining these animations if netflix had it.

My father was a finish carpenter.2:57 black checked whites king via the knight.N Ancient Egypt, games were part of religious life.Even though i watched it being made i still dont understand how it works all i was worried is if i tried those machines id lose a finger or hand.One would think.I especially love the one without trim around the edges, it looks so unique.Splitting hairs here I know, but I just wanted to point out that you arranged the chess pieces slightly incorrect.Yung naiiyak kana tas biglang may patalastas.Wellwere I'm at there is 80 cm of snow.

Sorry if this has

Sorry if this has

I don't understand how the pawn is captured.I had an awesome game, and I had some brilliant and cool moves!WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?Jennifer Shahade.They were stillpressing up promo records for backwater radio stations that didn't have multi-speed turntables.What dan said 4 months ago.I feel like a baby listening to ur lecture, it would be awesome if u explained everything by speaking normally rather than u speaking like ur reading a children's book to a 2nd grade class.NEVER THE LESS A VERY GOOD WORK.The wavefunction for an electron in the 3p orbital of a Hydrogen atom has never made so much sense."Stolen from their homeland.

Good SirDo you have for $ALE please let me know.10:06 king to D2?Your two boards arestunning in theirbeauty, butwill last long enough to become family heirlooms.You are so calming and hypnotic!Also a good repertoire against queens gambit.What's the scope of in this field in India.You should name the sword Stinger!Painting over the oak!

And there aren't any scripts

And there aren't any scripts

Preps me for my online wars lol.I have chess tournament on 29 soo m.Here is a suggestion, you need another cat.What a craftsmanengineervideographer!It's awesome to watch.

20 sao ko nhy m F3.Sex, false prayer, feigned death, time stop.As you mention fractals - can you please explain what is the mathematical connection between folding a paper and these sets?This is how many times Lincoln will press the button.The second lady didnt have a shoulder rest.You need to go up there !I'm definitely trying this.17) If you King is attacked by a bishop then you should defend by a bishop or block by a knight, they both have pros and cons so this decision should be made wisely18) If you are black and white is not attacking then you should start attacking immediately19) If you have a piece that does nothing (is weak), then try to trade it with an opponent's piece that is strong 20) Learn theory, there is always a rule of chess that you don't know21) Don't be afraid of retreating!

When i doubt, install the FAWN (thorn) pawn heh.They just need to open it up to cover everyone cap insurance pharmaceutical pricing.Can someome explain to me at 7:50 why didnt Carlson move his Knoght to D6 forking the Bishop and King With Check.He committed suicide by hanging 4 years later in his prison cell.What a waste of energy not just in the constructionbut the fact that the energy of the strings does not fully transfer to the bridge because the neck moves away from the body.Super interesting video!Like that’s his mans but he keeping away from him for giving push that ammo accidentally.You always got beef with a number.When i first start the game, the bird is active while the timer is counting down.

Milwaukee24 Sk8Fam

got to watch a dif vid for the first two seconds, bcuz this didnt start with hello everyone and it makes me sad lol brb

Minecraft Lord360

How do you play if you can’t see the laser???

Jason Bierschwale

Thumbs up if you paused at 6 seconds to see what he was building...

Sangeeta Srivastava

Queen to b8

Clifton Beeker

Eboni K was so hot making her point this episode... lmao. dope stuff

Caleb Morgan

Berts wife is a solid 6, a 4 personality, and a 2 on the voice.Cut your losses, give her half of everything you have and get that 32 year old.

tuxedo cat gamer

3:43 just went right over their heads

Burhan Qerimi

He is busy crying

Night Glower

So this is where imagine dragons got inspired from?

Robert Khoo

Hey Jerry! Can i have your playlist? OMG your music choices are as good as your games

Juan Francisco Brizuela

I hate kids

daniel redondo

Muy bueno el video saludos amigo Daniel

Vivian Fernandez

How are Apollo's footprints on the moon going to fade if the moon doesn't have an atmosphere? I thought that was the main reason why they would remain forever..?


Aman: you drew.Eric: surprised Pikachu face


Looks like the Enterprise is struggling to escape the blast radius. Beautiful!

Mohamad Ofeshat

high levelchess


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